The three reason analysis site was only K home page


in the website optimization process, the site has been K is a very common thing, because most of the webmaster have experienced site was K, and the main reason is that the site was K the main reason is the birth site itself. Of course, for the site to be K also can be divided into several categories, the most serious ZhengZhan be K, the inside pages is medium website K, home page snapshot. The most light person homepage is K. For the site to be K, no matter what kind of method is K, the final reason is because of its website problems, generally speaking, the most basic reason is that space is not normal visit, and for this reason caused by the example of K is also very much. The site was down to K home page what is the reason? Today I analyse.

The day before yesterday

content is the soul of the website, is also a spider "food". The site is K home page, in fact is that web page will not be included, or included is deleted after, so we have to find the cause of the site by K home page, also need to consider the content of the quality problems. As everyone knows, the general site is divided into three kinds, one is the original content, the content of the search engine is the most love the content, to improve the ranking weight quite useful. Two pseudo original content, this is between the acquisition and between the original content, it is unclear whether the search engine to identify the contents of the role. The three acquisition of content, for the search engine, is the most offensive content acquisition, resulting in repeated high degree. If your website content most from the collected, then website page is not included or included deleted after the phenomenon is normal. So, let’s be K home page website in solving the problem, we need to examine the contents of matter >


web site include

content is not high quality


K yesterday was the only home page included the amount of

caused by K reason, space is an indispensable factor. Because of the space stability will affect the normal operation of the site can not open, and every two or three days space. Spiders are unable to crawl into the site, what is included within the page or improve the amount collected? When the website included only home page, so that the site is going to be the edge of the K station, if we can not timely find dispose of them, then do not even have long web page snapshots. So, why in the website be K home page in the space is one of the key factors. Then we find the reason by the K home page, should check the space is stable, the website is regularly open and all with space related issues, if it is natural to solve the space problem, we site is K home page will be easier. In a word, web site space is not stable, the amount collected related closely with the website.

, an unstable site space

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