The common problems and solutions encountered by the stationmaster when he issues the sh419 theme su

webmaster can be set in the "custom suspension effect", so the suspension side bar according to the automatic positioning of the page width or the browser always welt positioning, taking into account the narrow screen users, webmasters can also set the "show" only when the resolution width greater than 1024 pixels, to maximize the user experience may reduce in addition, sh419 revenue Butler also can achieve this functionality.

2 is compared to topic description and topic links:

click the "custom suspension effect" on the suspension of the rules ", you can choose the theme of suspension always follow the scroll bar display, always in the visitor’s sight; also can choose to display content and display the page with the suspension, the suspension does not follow the theme of the scroll bar display, when the scroll bar slide down to a certain extent when the suspension will leave the viewer view of theme.

Lu Zhiyin Ali revealed that the 9 million 500 thousand Taobao seller, about 3000000 stop shop, leaving about 80% losses, only 10% real money. One crop after another, college graduates to Taobao to start business, take the parents hard-earned money, first hit "praise", a year after the money burned out, and a new batch of entrepreneurs, began to burn money… Flexible, entrepreneurial success created new ways of playing, not just money, and now, Taobao is no longer the original Taobao, you have to do is to find a spare tire for yourself.

1. put on sh419 suspension promotion, will affect the search engine site collection and ranking?


3. on the suspension promotion, how to obtain revenue while ensuring user experience?

first, Taobao for the owner, do not let you fly pellmell independent shop. Many people may think that independent online shop is to put aside their own resources, once again. But the housekeeper business to tell you, do not let you move independent shop you can throw corn watermelon, the use of existing resources, a two venture, but this venture allows you to earn a lot of money you never thought. Taobao has a reputation, or already in Taobao’s platform to gather some of the target customers, then only need to skillfully put these traffic to your independent store, which solved the biggest problem — to do independent shop drainage, which is non Taobao incomparable.

1 charging mode: at present, the suspension is promoted by CPC charging, that is, by click charging

1 allows the extension of the suspension to occur only on the left, right, or both sides of the

before you can use third party picture space, after August 1st only practical Taobao picture space, free after a year to start charging; now open platform new requirements in the enterprise must be a registered capital of more than 500 thousand and the application must access the poly spire, must pay; Taobao yesterday told the seller, after some categories of goods issued must be strictly controlled, so that the seller will no longer…… Business can play the best in the free space, but when your right-hand man is bound, you can complete your startup money business

as a whole, the price of the topic suspension has been greatly improved since it was launched. With the introduction of customers, the unit price will gradually increase. As the theme to promote the theme, theme and suspension links in different forms, usually the click rate will be higher, and the decision factors of return is flow rate, click rate and price, so webmaster, comprehensive assessment of suspension promotion income.

sh419 suspended promotion maximum consideration on the user experience, without changing the structure of the page, the maximum to avoid blocking the text page, click on the area and operation area separately to prevent delays, the user closes the simple, flexible display, on most websites that can be done at the same time increase the income guarantee of user experience, need only by carefully setting the following steps:


4 enables users by setting

secondly, for those who want to enter Taobao, open the electricity supplier business model of traditional enterprises, do independent B2C mall, perhaps more than settled in Taobao, Tmall will be more meaningful. How can we survive to the electricity supplier of traditional enterprises, is not already a certain social reputation, but also has its own fixed customer base?. Do independent B2C mall on this basis, do not be afraid of the flow, with the existing brand reputation to the online channel to launch in a fixed customer base, although you may mind it will not impact your offline channels, but the impact is not impact, it depends on how you do it, if independent B2>

3 can be set, scroll, scroll, or always fix

At present,


many webmaster have similar concerns, the answer is absolutely not, the theme of suspension and other promotional form is different, the essence is the same, search engine is the same, on the extension of the suspension of your site and ranking will not have any effect.

2. suspension promotion is how to valuation, unit price how?


click the "custom levitation effect", you can set the suspension bar side of the emergence of the position, currently available on the left, right or bilateral delivery.


2 simple settings, so that the suspension does not block web content

housekeeper, the entire e-commerce market spokesman said that in the change must be pre emptive, or no other people can only wait to die. Taobao too much uncertainty, business people should grasp fate in their own hands, with the Taobao platform is also become a truly independent advocate good. Own is not an easy thing, but it’s better than sitting waiting for your death. If you don’t want to discover yourself some day as a part-time laborer of Taobao, instead of being a "golden fan" who thinks you have a golden light, then put your eyes on the future and put yourself on your own.

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