Garbage stations make 2000 a monthZhongguancun pioneering Street reality is more cruel than dream

is trying to build a complete venture chain to provide more services compared with the earlier stages of the ideal and geek spirit. But in more and more dream before business street is relatively limited capacity, and with the influx of more people, once the strong geek spirit has gradually been diluted impetuous.

I always think so. Make a server, do 100 websites.
50000IP, that is, there are 25 2000IP, that is, 25 dollars per day, 3 dollars, =75 dollars.

just talk about dreams here,

cost: rent a server 8000 a year, domain name 100, if you want to collect too tired, then buy a large number of garbage station data, each 50 words, that is, 5000.

reported in December 22nd Han Yimin science and technology Tencent

is not out of business for many years of college students, middle-aged people and entrepreneurs gathered together for the less than 200 meters long street, here, they don’t talk about academic work, entrepreneurship, investment and rent, only dream about.

in Zhongguancun pioneering street, people greet each other by greeting, not "did you eat", but "are you an entrepreneur?"

at 12 noon, across the street from the garage coffee began, the daily routine lunch half an hour activities, the various entrepreneurs on the podium, introduced the project, but also to attract talent. The newcomer was thrilled and more entrepreneurs calmly continued to work on computers.

from Jilin, Hangzhou, Langfang, Shanghai, Xi’an entrepreneurs have come in, enjoy free space, power and WiFi at the same time, they write the legend on the keyboard, more investment institutions will help them realize the legend.

Bard’s business card printed the Post Internet era, technological revolution, bridge philosophy and popularity, entrepreneurial spirit interpretation, etc. He is discussing with people, let entrepreneurship and campus culture combine. Behind them is a lively reading party.

host is wearing a black tunic lawyer, reading is also one of the sponsors of the binggo section of Bohui coffee founder told the Tencent of science and technology, reading will be established to read Kevin Kelly’s "out of control", and help entrepreneurs recognize the trend — despite the upsurge of "out of control" in a few years ago has been in the past.

before you read the article, open your calculator: hao123/haoserver/jishuqii.htm

one Tuesday morning in the business binggo coffee shop, a person from the media, an entrepreneur, a bard, and a group of lawyers, entrepreneurs, the boss composed of reading are scattered in different locations on the busy binggo coffee.


actually doesn’t have to consider whether 2000IP can make $3, but consider 3 questions. How long will it take to finish the

1100 station? Will not be tired, do 5 stops a day, 20 days to complete, and stick to it,
2, to ensure that each station has an average of 500IP, the key issue is this. But it should not be difficult, when I’m 10 stations, on average, almost 500IP
3, to ensure that GG is not K, afraid of the legendary thousand knives cut, but no violation should be no problem, do not cheat can be.


entrepreneurs travel on different occasions: Conceiving products in a coffee shop, learning experience at a roadshow center, and

Zhongguancun Venture Street has been listed in the first half of the year, the venture capital boom across the street, business reputation, at the same time, the two hundred meter long street business ushered in a large number of dreamers.

garage coffee is beside the black road play center, here the roadshow is very hot, the site is always crowded with the audience, for many entrepreneurs, the roadshow is a great chance to learn, but also know the best opportunity for investors.

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