The innovation pattern of website profit rental websiteWhy can’t the website stick to traffic


two, a lot of Web sites, the keywords of a certain industry are taken, then through this model, with the long tail keywords mass flow, to do list rental, you can put a whole industry most of the long tail keywords do, there are always 10% to 20% words in a row on the front. Even after the formation of the first page, in this situation, 2-3 months, you can put a lot of websites, not to sell a specified customers, many customers can even let him, who is out of the high price, I give everybody the whole group website, rental time there is a limit, not up to pack bags a year, a month, a month and next month the price of the price is completely different, this is the second rental mode.

at present, through the website like advertising, Taobao off the traditional mode of money has been very popular, this model we are in a relatively passive situation, we do a website, other people hanging advertising, not actively expand our income opportunities, such as how to click on the ads again, click on price not infinitely high down, Taobao customers must sell their products to the whole transaction, there is not a kind of easy to extend the model, we can take the initiative to the income of the site to control, active expansion, it is necessary to use this trick for rent.

There are two basic modes of

summary, first, this website, when the customer has not done it, you will help

rental mode:

Before the

rental website concept. When your site first had a relatively good keywords ranking, second accurate flow, with accurate customer visit, so in some sectors of your website more valuable when you, these sites have value to others, and then take the initiative to look for these to you the website has value of interested target customers, this process is to do the thing, this feeling is a kind of auction model, which completes the site leased to target customers.

talk about this issue, I think most people’s thinking is still stuck in the passive site of the stage, did not realize that if a model, using the same technology and energy to do a website, from the service to a single customer service industry customers can produce infinite value. Thinking determines the way out, innovation changes life. Below we begin this website profit innovation mode topic, how to rent the website to make money.

one, take the initiative to help others do web work. When someone is not something, then you also made a comparison with his demand when we do things will be valuable to other people, the equivalent of the customer has not made the demand for you, you take the initiative to help them solve the problem, the apple is more like thinking than apple. The product is not designed for customers, is designed to guide the customer, this is the first basic mode.


has many websites, just launched, passionate, forthright, advertising on the burning of a particularly fierce, traffic is also rising very fast,

but advertising a stop, flow straight down, depressed, can not find the north, don’t know what to do. Do you have any experience like that? If so, here’s a website idea to share with you:

if you are launching a new website, through a variety of marketing, every day can get a new 10000ip flow, if your website viscosity can reach 10%, which means that there will be a new 1000IP flow love on your site every day, every day on your site. Do you know how big the traffic will be after a year?After 365 days of

, your web traffic is stuck flow makes 365*1000=36.5 million IP

1, no site features or characteristics of the web site is not prominent

website said characteristics, especially want to mention a website that is Chinese blog, blog China is a very worthy of study case.

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