How to choose the form of online advertisingMake money online should pay attention to a few places

many friends have done a lot of work, and they have put together a lot of pictures. They add nice, interesting and interesting things together. Flash, pictures, effects, a lot. So maybe you feel gorgeous and grand. But ask users to open your station, take a few minutes? Generally 5 seconds can’t open it 85% users will leave, so I hope you do in appearance at the same time, pay attention to user experience, try to do a simple station. At the same time, the navigation of the website should be improved. If the user can’t find the information about your battle point, then you will be finished.


      home page. In this way, online advertisers directly provide the domain name for the enterprise and make the homepage. The enterprise can freely publish the relevant information about its products in the home page. This method is mainly applicable to the publicity of the whole image of the enterprise, and can further develop the e-business system on the basis of it.

asks: "Internet has infinite glamour and contain tremendous energy.". Some Internet companies are also developing advertising effectiveness testing and tracking instruments, which provide many useful help for the correct choice of advertising methods and advertising investment. Then, how to choose the form of online advertising?

      Web page embedded. This way is inserted advertising embedded in the advertisers ", roughly equivalent to the traditional newspaper advertising or TV commercials, but before the two form is more flexible, the effect is much higher than the previous two significant. Embedded advertising is important to select good web pages, this way is particularly suitable for new products advertising enterprises, often receive unexpected advertising effects. As for the current situation, the products related to the IT industry appear to be more effective in this way.

1: at the same time, pay attention to the user experience

      channel type. This form of advertising is most suitable for IT industry enterprises to use, the effect is more durable, but also more ideal.

temporarily so much, the next time you want to write again, but the big brother big sister to the top I also remember my station! Oh, www.58task see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

      enterprise Yellow pages. This is equivalent to the traditional telephone directory in the yellow pages, advertisers will be classified by advertising companies, the name also with introduction and links placed in a specific location for users to retrieve, this way is suitable for small scale professional production or business enterprises

answer: at present, the main forms of online advertising are home style, channel type, enterprise Yellow Pages and embedded four pages.

generally for new sites, if you make Sohu, Tencent website so many categories, or you exhausted, or your web site in any case show the food, content is so little. New sites generally determine the classification in less than 10, and then focus on doing these 10, and stick to it. If in the future, the site has made some achievements, such as A5, you can try to increase some classification, rich content.

two: site classification not too small, too precise

website, must not be eager for quick success and instant benefit, many novice did a month, chose to give up. In fact, if you dig carefully, you will find that the Internet has created a large number of rich people, but none of them can make a huge profit in a month. Do stand is generally adhere to a year to see the effect, if you give up early, soon after, you will regret it.

three: persistence is the fundamental strategic principle

site to make money, in fact, nothing more than just a few points. Of course, the novice is still more, so today, according to my personal experience to write about.

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