Several aspects have to pay attention to do Wangzhuan noviceA MM hard Wangzhuan course

four, be sure to take a look at other people’s experiences,

graduation work has been more than two years, and a few jobs, wages rose far behind the speed of price increases, and now still moonlight clan. People say there are three turning points in a woman’s life,

I and many just do Wangzhuan friends, eat a lot of losses, through a lot of detours, have been ruthless cheater to cheat, this article is my experience and experience, hope to share with you.

06 year contact ringtone know this Dongdong, good money, then gave up the map station, got a music station, science collection, SEO, obsolescence, Post Bar, blog promotion, sh419 said. Traffic rose, IP every day also remained at around 3000, can earn more than 100 dollars, but 07 years is good times don’t last long, just arrived in the winter, the League went bankrupt.

as the saying goes, at home depend on parents, go out to rely on friends, friends less, where not good work. But Wangzhuan circles have many experienced people, everyone exchanges can be greatly reduced by the network swindlers opportunity.

Wangzhuan road more walk more smoothly.

two is looking for a rich husband, and this can only be desired.

as the saying goes, eat hot tofu, and you will be eager to use this network cheats your mental to defraud, and because you just entered this industry, what all don’t understand, hope to be able to quickly make a pot of gold, it’s easy to be cheat temptation, what hang up. The average daily gain of 100 ah, what 3000 month after the first training, pay and so on these, basically are liars.

when learning the experience of others must be to the regular website to learn, not to waste some advertising sites, basically are deceptive, such as China station, A5, the laggards have very good learning environment of these sites.

only has third points, by himself.

Finally, I wish you all in the

must meet Wangzhuan friends

dream free Wangzhuan Forum http://s.bbs.52vcc

Internet does have many legitimate ways to make money, such as to make money, make money make money and other investigation, Witkey, but no matter what you do, it must be hard, do the webmaster need to constantly update site articles and to do the promotion, do Witkey needs to have the ability in a more professional for example, logo design, the money is not what is lying in the house to sleep can earn a lot of money, and only through deception and marketing means, perhaps to do.

helpless, I walked on the way to work, to join in the Internet when editing, the spare time to open shop daily work on the crowded bus, the shuttle in the crowd rush in, do not know where tomorrow? The heart is really very acid is very painful, but this time, the dead of night, alone in front of the ceiling, sad tears, do not know where tomorrow.

is born in a rich family, which is obviously impossible.

must not be impatient

see others can make money through the network, some heart, but not what their own technology, when idle in the Internet bubble, confused, helpless, then apply for a domain name do picture stand, also silly to buy a program, automatic updates, spend 100 meters, with friends, it has entered the ranks of the webmaster. But traffic can not rely on buying, in addition to sh419 search a few IP, basically no repeat customers. Later, sh419 ignored me, and the mood fell to the bottom. We want to give up, but I think I could put the money back, let friends to help change the program, you manually update every day to each big website to search for pictures, change the size of watermark upload traffic to the union recommended pictures. IP gradually rise, when less than more than 200 IP, a long time more than 500 IP, big mood. By clicking on the ads every day to earn a few oceans, it is the first report also delighted the Wangzhuan income.

, do Wangzhuan

two, realize that you can make money through the Internet,


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