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    coding: besides the first revision, we also continued to see a lot of small changes, such as the recently launched website automatic verification function and mobile phone SMS notification.

 :  : Zhuang: CHANet production network logo is the most troublesome place for me this time. In fact, our web page was ready as early as July, but it was decided not until September that Logo was released. Mark CHANet network needs to reflect the results of our business characteristics, and can express the vigor and vitality of innovation, adventurous spirit, and therefore we designed under 100 Logo, the final choice of the CHANet network can accurately express the connotation of marked achievements.

 :  : Editor: first of all congratulations CHANet success network successfully released new home page and logo! CHANet results nets why choose at this time for revision?

    September 2007, CHANet net successfully launched its new version of the home page and sign, therefore we specially visited the results of CHANet network product manager Zhuang Junjie, to talk about the revision and achievements of the development of future CHANet network.

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    Zhuang Junjie: Thank you. Since its operation in March 2005, the CHANet results network has not undergone a major revision, because in the past 2 years, we have put a lot of effort on the improvement of the system. Last April, the core system of the CHANet results network was upgraded to the V2 version, which greatly improved the efficiency of the system. After the completion of the core system upgrade, we should be more professional appearance of people, so we carried out the revision of the home page this year.

 :  : what are the features of this new edition compared to the old one?

 :  : Zhuang: the biggest feature is content. After 2 years of operation, the main website and advertising more and more owners to join CHANet network, they need to learn more about the operation mode and operation results of CHANet network system, but the old version of the page is relatively simple, unable to provide you the information. So this new home page added to our business model, customer success stories, and a relatively complete help system. At the same time, the revision also from the perspective of professionalism has been considered, web design is to listen to the views of the majority of the webmaster.

 :  : can you tell me the birth of the new logo?

    Zhuang: yes. Compared with other peers, CHANet has a special feature

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