The threshold for shlf1314 AdSense is not highAnalysis on the observation of the current typical Tao

this method many people say, there are a lot of people doing, but the effect is too different.

just finished school at noon, came to the Internet bar, landed on the gmail., ha ha, there was a letter, the application was successful. There is a picture for

did all this. I registered a Gmail account and applied for shlf1314 AdSense with this account. When I finished, I was worried that shlf1314 wouldn’t pass it, because the content on was nothing more than the novel that was added to the more than 20 chapter yesterday.

the first sentence was white, transformed from the Ali Mama "Taobao guest" is nothing more than one of the means of a cyber source into money and GG, sh419 alliance, a variety of network resources such as consignment agent, there is essential difference. If you don’t have a good Internet relationship or a blog, website, that everything you do is only playing free advertising for Taobao, it can be regarded as the invalid click advertising network. Below from the personal point of view of the current several typical Taobao customer promotion model for an analysis, for your reference only:

second: promote

yesterday evening, I do not go on at night, 2 hours of playing CS, did not feel, do not play, then used to Admin5 to visit, I believe most of the webmaster and I think, must think of shlf1314 AdSense station.

a few years ago, a hao123 success, gave birth to the million counts of Web site, in recent years, some Taobao station covering the limelight, even the previous this web site has suddenly become a professional Taobao shopping guide PingTai Railway Station. Taobao shopping guide station can be simple and complicated.

mode two: the use of PHPcms, combined with acquisition function, build a large shopping guide station.

first: set up Taobao shopping guide Station

a blog, a theme, specifically recommend a commodity, the East is not bright, the west is bright, each blog to dozens of traffic, there are dozens of blogs, there will be a lot of traffic a day. If you simply carry on some packaging, promotion, the effect will be quite different. But now some of the blog station to Taobao promotion is to title, and found, especially sh419 space, the seal of the most severe. The way to do it is to write normal Bowen while promoting Taobao customers. sh419 will certainly not seal you, and insist on updating every day, the content does not promote single products, more push!

via blog

Dede even appeared specifically combined with Taobao acquisition function of CMS, using PHPcms build Taobao shopping guide Station, really can be a short time to build a large web site out, to meet their vanity. But there is no promotion, no big flow, the trust of this kind of website is a big problem, if the content is too complex, typical of a garbage station.

this way in the beginning feasible, many pioneers have earned pots full bowl, but now appear on the network so many of the same data site, sh419 whether included as a problem.

recently made a novel download station, -txt novel bus, has always wanted to put shlf1314 AdSense, but unfortunately no account, many friends say shlf1314 AdSense is now difficult to apply. There are 1 necessary conditions, the station needs to be built more than half a year. I also give this to scare, all the new station, where more than half a year. Later, listening to friends say, as long as there is content, the corn has reached more than half a year.

one is to build blog group

I remember I still have almost a year’s worth of rice., Lima went to volcano to request a free 100M space and wanted to apply for the shlf1314 AdSense with this meter. I have thought, a novel variable star station, such as xingchenbian999, but the Volcano Cluster free space did not support ASP, he did not like to use the new cloud, looking for a long time are not suitable, so had to use his love with a Bo-Blog program. Next, just like writing diary, add more than 20 chapters, stars change novels.

one way: using 114 navigation station system, collect each store link, good crown ranking and so on similar to Taobao’s house, built a web site type guide small station, built after the guest in the background add Taobao promotion code upgrade; on the basis of the principle of TOP API such as Amoy the site, now many sites in this model, the reason is very simple, because the API is invoked automatically all data in the Taobao customer, and is automatically updated. sh419 included strong.

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