Leaving Beijing haze and millet Hugo Barra joined the Facebook VR teamRookie about how he is earning


after a series of setbacks, I gradually lost confidence in Taobao customers. In N days, I inadvertently in a discussion with Taobao shopping group, suddenly there is a sister to me recommend a few pills to help him in the shop, I asked him why he was looking for me, she said you often see on your shopping experience in the group, so I feel very understand these, so just find me. At that time I had a bright feeling, and immediately opened the identification of many days Taobao guest website. Ha ha, that is my first ever since Taobao customers, hundreds of income. When excited, do so long to find the original, not the road, actually the road again in front of me, I always to follow suit, results all ended in failure, expected to learn from others to do, as they want for their own way to do.

in the next month, I added more Taobao shopping groups, and first of all to cultivate their feelings, and have feelings to talk. Then every day if done well, basically a monthly income of 2000+ is absolutely no problem, of course, this 2000 yuan income for master may be just the tip of the iceberg, but for the novice might >


Hugo Barra served as vice president of Android product management at shlf1314. 2013, Hugo Barra announced the accession to millet, millet products to India, Singapore, Malaysia and other nearly 20 overseas markets, to promote the process of internationalization of millet.

is one of the guest Wangzhuan the most popular in recent years for everyone. Because the operation is relatively simple, the promotion of various forms, so the author also early this year to join the "million Taobao" army". I just started to use the long tail keywords to do traffic, unexpectedly is that I would have been a hit select the keyword on the site, almost all can be used to do Taobao promotion long tail keywords off merchandise is all used, and watch their station "menacing" a two ranking is not blowing up, o the fish first deeply appreciate what is called "pear"

, while Facebook’s Oculus, has made a breakthrough in recent years. Last October at the Oculus Connect 3 conference, not only introduced the upcoming action controller – Oc>

Zuckerberg said that he knew the Hugo and Barra is responsible for the development of Android operating system is still in the latter, they all believe that AR and VR will become the mainstream of the next generation computing platform, it will make people more creative experience more new things. Zuckerberg believes that Hugo will help them realize this future.

for this news, Hugo Barra also responded quickly, expressed expectations of joining Facebook, and VR into the mainstream of the future.

but just 3 days ago, Hugo Barra said on personal Facebook that she left millet for personal reasons and returned to Silicon Valley after the Chinese New Year break. "Living in such a unique environment has been a huge blow to my life and has affected my health," he told Facebook’s homepage……. What I think of as home and live in Silicon Valley, is also closer to my hometown."

later I heard a single page to promote Taobao passenger stations and the effect is obvious, so that the 10 Fen Sichuan will spend huge amounts of money for 2 VPS hosts, and then registered 10 domain names, said, on the night of fighting a night all the sites are uploaded, home add enough content, but I also didn’t do this for sh419, no more, even a station is not included, the past 5 days, 10 days, less than half a month later still so, then read an article on the A5 realized, I when all the stations are using a IP, sh419 certainly found cheating will be included, no, oh.

and now, Hugo Barra so quickly announced its accession to the Facebook, it seems that the "environment" is not the main cause of his departure from millet.

January 26th news, who served as vice president of global millet group Hugo Barra, announced in January 23rd because of health reasons, leaving to return to work and life in Silicon Valley, his new job announced today. Facebook founder Zuckerberg announced today that Hugo Barra will officially join the company, vice president of VR business, led the Oculus team to develop VR business.


but was too confident of their own, decided to fight a fight, so choose the long tail word of a smaller competition made up, beginning steps are simple, the choice of space, upload a program, then began to add the article and the chain crazy. So I crazy for a month, but sh419 is not to depend on the brother face, ranking still motionless, then I simply turn off the station, but the station was already some transactions, but not profit.

Hugo Barra once founded the software company LOBBY7, research and development of mobile phone speech recognition technology. Later, the company was acquired by Nuance. In March 2008, Hugo Barra switched to shlf1314 and joined the Android team two years later, becoming Vice President of Android in 2012 and becoming a spokesman at shlf1314, I/O and other press conferences. Hugo Barra has taken part in several versions of Android’s development process and is in charge of Nexus457.

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