Analysis of the decline of China’s market share of shlf1314 AllianceFuture nternet 5 big business m

"The market share of shlf1314 is declining, and market share is lower than that reported by Ai Rui," says

location service model,

One of the reasons:

don’t talk much about it. Analyze the reason why the share of China’s shlf1314 market drops.

shlf1314 recently questioned iResearch’s research report as if shlf1314 could not believe or dare not acknowledge the fact that their share of the market had fallen substantially. But that’s true, and standing outside, Wang Tong makes his point:

talent, creative and big data, will become the driving force of future business, creativity will be mainly reflected in the design, big data will be mainly transformed in the business model.

1, location service mode,

consumer sharing model,


      direct for several aspects to explain this problem:

      1, very much Chinese users to download the Firefox browser installed successfully, Firefox browser default search engine is not shlf1314, but sh419, my laptop is such.
    shlf1314;     the elite of the Chinese office. Do you know that? You are spending money to help sh419 do promotion.



future Internet business and online business evolved into business data, business data is a common form of business organization and leading consumer organizations, to bring innovative business models, technology, lifestyle, consumer lifestyle experience. Therefore, the future of business and 4P, 4C emphasis on one-way led by different manufacturers and consumers will be led by both, the former led innovation, which led the experience. Coupled with the accelerated development of the mobile Internet process, this two-way led marketing model will make a major change in sales methods.

Wang Tong.

          how did I come to this conclusion? Very simple, if a keyword at the same time in sh419 and shlf1314 are ranked the same location, compare them to the site to bring traffic to compare. A simple example:

      key words: Duke address: www.zhougongjiemeng
        shlf1314 and sh419 are fourth, shlf1314 yesterday to bring traffic is 25, sh419 bring traffic is 209. It’s only one word. I’ve counted a lot of words in the same place, and sh419’s traffic is at least 4 times that of shlf1314.

      shlf1314 Chinese and Eric did not need to care about these problems, when people think of you when there is a serious problem, not to learn sh419’s disadvantages: always go the wrong to someone else to. shlf1314 should find their own reasons, and then put their own practice, try to get more market share is the most important.

future business district is not pure consumption area, more or need to join some spiritual and cultural level things. Like Wanda such a commercial complex, set the basic necessities of life, beer and skittles, all-round integration of consumption circle.

believes that with the development of social business, the future business model will become more and more innovative. As the saying goes: "the line is below the landing line, but when you land, the business model offline is definitely a scene after the change.".


based on LBS location service sales will break the original geographical restrictions, mainly in the form of logistics services innovation. Jingdong, SF, rookie, city logistics and other logistics services companies in the future can achieve LBS sales. Based on the traditional architecture thinking "commercial circle" model in the future commercial market advantage will be weakened, the future commercial shops mainly rely on experience service competitiveness, so the store location is no longer a non district business, carved sirloin is a very good case.

artists creative congregation raised mode,

today, I’m here to share 5 online sales models:

community electricity supplier customer CRM model,

of course, the great development of creative design is more attractive with the combination of capital. This year, I have been emphasizing the hand artists market, if these craftsmen and some vertical areas of electricity supplier Ping

here to give you one more vulgar example; if unfamiliar street launched "supplies" sales service, when the boys and girls dating success, click the "date", free condoms, and other fun items will be displayed in front of the boys, so I ask: whether the user has sufficient billion yuan purchase? Of course delivery must have a unique style, we all know these things to the home or office is not appropriate, then by way of LBS to achieve delivery will become a very good deal.

data commodity virtual goods model.

two, artisan creative public raising mode

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