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P2P on-demand client itself has high speed, clarity and other advantages, it will be recognized by more users, thus becoming a new favorite for computer users, desktop and mobile applications. With the development of P2P, the entire industry will also benefit from the film and television manufacturers do not have to worry about copyright issues all day long, mobile operators will be able to earn more Money, mobile phones and other neighboring industries will also benefit from it.

, integrity: honesty I didn’t want to say, I believe we should all know, in any industry, honesty is the most important, the person must in good faith, the same faith in Wangzhuan this industry, a ring is also very important, so I put it in the first place. Especially now, the word has been made a lot of Wangzhuan liar notorious, whenever we find money by cheating people, and we found that people who are not honest, often we don’t do so The loss outweighs the gain., selfish things, do Wangzhuan must adhere the principle of his own. Do not change their principles, for the immediate petty profits do not lose, only when you believe you when your reputation is high, you can earn a lot of money, and will make a lot of friends.

mobile communications operators as the main supporting mobile P2P client mode, and its tariffs are still high. Within the scope of possible reduction of tariffs, to enhance the use of GPRS and other business is also a considerable role in promoting, but also to better promote the development of mobile phone applications industry, the two sides of the matter, why not?.

five, investment: investment is needed, if you want to earn more, you need to have the same investment, Wangzhuan is in need of investment, and to learn the investment, but not blind investment, only good investment talents can produce gains in a short period of time. Therefore, we must learn more about this knowledge.


UGC network video sharing mode the situation now is at an end, large video sharing sites such as YouTube, every year in terms of bandwidth to spend at least 240 million yuan. In China, the cost will double. At present, the domestic video industry the total bandwidth of up to 500G~1000G, but with the increasing Internet users, the flow is finished, and the telecom operators and stuck on tariff situation, the expenditure will increase, this light >

three, have a good Wangzhuan mentality: I said above, Wangzhuan is not only an occupation, and this occupation is different from the reality in the occupation, you need patience and perseverance to complete together! Do Wangzhuan may start with the income is not high, but do not worry, not instant success, otherwise wait only to lose your

recently, P2P client demand operators, the popular online CEO Luo Jiangchun said that the popularity of profit will achieve the next year, he believes that with the popularity of P2P in size on demand client users first, and the world’s largest video on demand platform advantages, to achieve the initial goal is not the problem. It is understood that the epidemic now more than 60 million users, the monthly video ad revenue has reached one million, next year will increase investment in copyright purchases. Therefore, the industry generally P2P client demand is full of confidence, quite a big battle.

four, to be diligent in learning: This is very important, we must continue to learn new knowledge, only good at learning talent to become the real master should do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, continuous learning, to expand their own ideas, knowledge, and knowledge and use the knowledge acquired to generate revenue

most video sharing sites are under pressure from cost and poor revenues to turn to P2P, and it seems like UGC is out of the stage. "Fast, high-definition, genuine" is becoming a new synonym for network video, if combined with mobile applications and other multi platform combination of marketing model, P2P on-demand client will be expected to play a new protagonist.

P2P Peer-To-Peer is the essence of allowing users to interact directly through the Internet, so the application of interactive multi platform, convenient is crucial to the client on demand, which is more conducive to the formation of the scale of revenue, to support the rapid development of the enterprise. P2P will open in the mobile phone application on fist, to July this year, the number of mobile phone users has reached 600 million, the mobile phone users more than 84 million 500 thousand users, growth reached hitherto unknown speed, visible, mobile phone has become one of the preferred tool for Internet users. Because the phone itself has a convenient, portable features. Coupled with the current mobile phone has a consumer function, in fact, has been for the P2P client on-demand shop laid the foundation for consumer payments, these features will also provide P2P with more than one marketing platform.

do Wangzhuan is working, you need to have some basic qualities, so do Wangzhuan should have what qualities? Today we gave to list

six, finally, make more friends: one more friend, one more road. To do Wangzhuan friends, have related occupation friends, is very big for their help, such as sitting site this piece of it, if you have some good friends, these friends are standing, and the weight of the website is good, so if you want to make a station, to him >

two, attention: many do Wangzhuan friends, spent a lot of time looking for hundreds of thousands of daily income projects to the real myth, do one thing, a website, a few people do Wangzhuan project, must be specific, you only look for a project, must go to perseverance, so we will have unexpected harvest, Wangzhuan is needed to process, and is a long process, there is a direct link between the length of the process with your attention and effort. So do what you believe, never mind what other people say, go your own way, and let someone else say it.


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