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in the rapid development of the Internet advertising today, advertisers pay more attention to the ultimate effect of network advertising, in order to avoid blindly put large sums of money and waste, and the choice of the actual production according to the advertising effect and the mode of pay. However, due to the current large number of advertising alliances, good and bad, and its extensive mode of plundering resources, causing many problems, seriously hurt the interests of the site. The current status of worrying many network alliance, occupy the largest share of the advertising market SP vendors and C2C B2C e-commerce enterprises, affected by the policy and market factors, the business is not stable or not yet mature, so many personal website of website of income is not stable, the website alliance is faced with "survival or death" test. More attempts at effective advertising

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field effect as newborn, Mike Ruiteng in order to increase the number of media cooperation and expand high-quality customers better, in fruitful autumn Beijing, facing the country’s Internet industry launched a new alliance member cooperation incentive system – "V" plan to promote the direction towards a healthy development of strong alliance marketing.

Mike Ruiteng V plan is the traditional industry channel sales model into the advertising alliance, let the website into the target customers of the "dealer network", as the media for the Internet marketing business partner. It can be said that Mike return through a variety of media and advertisers resource as a solid foundation for building a new stage for the effectiveness of advertising website, let every website become the new stage of the protagonist, explore their own potential website marketing value, the media has become truly platform.

2009 is the turning point of China’s e-commerce, and 2010 is an explosive point. At that time, "Taobao" word has been used to distinguish between the crowd or dating; B2C fire, where objects popular temporarily; Groupon model rising, thousands of buy site surging. Even to download business as the core of the thunder also started e-commerce.

look back, where the development path of customers, from expansion to contraction, from radical to dormant, just a few years reflects the Internet economy fanaticism and foam, enough to make the industry alert.

where customers were created in 2007, China’s consumer electricity supplier outbreak, when the customer started from the imitation of PPG started.

times weekly reporter Li Yinghuan from Beijing

and decline, so many people distraught, but as old as now on, four years ago, where the old industry leap forward, enthusiasm, a good, who would expect every guest as a roller coaster ups and downs? No one thought, even with Lei Jun’s blessing, Lei Jun, the old two people drinking in the office until dawn "as a warning for the future", also failed to make every guest from the great mansion on the point of collapse.

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so, the rapid development of each guest is not just themselves, then the Jingdong, Taobao, Amazon and a large number of veteran B2C electricity providers have achieved explosive growth. In fact, where customers started, more fortunate to stand in the Chinese clothing supplier electric outlet, two or three years performance doubled in succession. Same as this

"I hope I can buy LV in the future."." This is March 2011 years old, in an interview with times weekly reporter said when a surprise to the entire industry.

to reflect this is dormant in high and vigorous spirits, change all passengers aged CEO over the past four years.

but by March 2015, Chen issued this reflection: "in 2011, where the most lively, the company has more than 1.3 people, President of light level leadership had thirty or forty, but we but step by step in crisis. Now, there are fewer than 300 customers, and the core team of the shirt is only 7 people, but the business is running smoothly. I can’t help thinking, "so many people used to do it?"


46 year old aged after reflection, even showing a hint of melancholy. "What should be said, and now there seems to be nothing more to say."." At the end of March, in the face of the weekly Times reporter’s interview, where the staff through the old told reporters.

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and look back, the development path of every guest, from expansion to contraction, from radical to dormant, just a few years reflects the Internet economy fanaticism and foam, enough to make the industry alert.

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