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since the company’s new website after the beginning of the new year will launch the new site, considering the function and the future business model, I searched through books and practice about the recent media audience, the audience Audience has been a research analysis. In applying some concepts, I also find that the vitality of some of the existing media is really a problem. At the same time, we also carefully considered the way out of China’s Internet websites.

in the newspaper caught or classified ads, often appear "passion chat", "adult nocturne" by telephone user to voice consumption implied language. Through investigation, we found that people who used this kind of service frequently had low quality, high density and high labor intensity. Although the voice from them get a lot of water, but as a kind of media services, there is no clear connotation, has no advertising spending power of the audience, even allowing advertisers to pay the charges to make only superficial changes, I have someone to discuss if advertisers to pay, and then large audience can appear very good advertising effectiveness, also because of audience initiative is not in consumption, and become meaningless. This kind of voice itself has many problems this edge. But as a medium, it is of little value. Products of the same significance can be extended to the network of passionate video, as products can be sold, but as a medium, the lack of the necessary audience type.

before there is a true story, some foreigners think China there are so many people, and don’t use knives and forks as tableware, knife and fork to Chinese if output, it will be able to reap big profits, what is the result of it, a ship back to the country in all the knives and forks, and after the storm, the knife and fork together with foreigners the dream will be buried.

my own point of view, it should be noted that the role of the Internet media. China >

entrepreneurs need to build equity pool, eclectic talent

first, must take a stake in the company, set aside a lot of space, don’t kill the goose, just starting out at once into Dier, it was finished when. When we started 360, we haven’t started financing yet. First we took out 40%, and gave it to the staff and the team. Later, although it was diluted because of repeated financing, but when listed, there are >

here, I have some suggestions to share with the entrepreneurs.

early batch of entrepreneurs, opened a bureau, this is a "1", but can do more big, in the 1 behind can make how many 0 out, this needs to join in the future a lot of able man together create. If enterprises want to develop and be bigger and stronger, they must introduce talents and continue to expand their backbone. But here’s the question: how can a talented person be introduced and how to integrate with the original team? This is a problem many enterprises will encounter in the course of their development. Here, I have a suggestion: to break this bottleneck, in the design of incentive system efforts, is to prepare a large pool of options, regardless of the old employees or later, can benefit from the sustained growth of corporate value, so as to ensure a virtuous cycle.

is the first marathon, no ten years, eight years, can not be the result. Starting a business is like a relay race, requiring fresh blood to produce a wave of momentum. Therefore, entrepreneurship is to sprint at a sprint speed, wave after wave of running a marathon. If these newcomers do not join, always be that batch of old people to run marathons, it is not running away, was eliminated, halfway tired, vomiting blood. Therefore, enterprises should have a good incentive mechanism, so that you can have a number of people at each stage, can take over the baton, continue to run down.

if there is no good incentive mechanism, the new and old team will run out of problems. The new power into the old team is like pouring milk into the coffee. If it doesn’t mix well, coffee will always be coffee. Milk will always be milk, and it won’t taste good. People who enter the company early will see themselves as the first batch of "old people", and fear that new people will take their place, which may create a strong feeling of rejection. The couple will feel stronger, why senators can comfortably enjoy their equity, can only earn the salary of? The two ideas have not been resolved, will form a separate small groups in the company, let the two dial away.

so I think companies need to build up a value proposition. First of all, we recognize the value of early employees, you can get the earliest stock options, you are the most favorable conditions. But you have to recognize the people who come in later, you can’t take him as an opponent. Second, the new people who come in later, the company also shares the stock options to them, and their hard work pays off accordingly.

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