Commonplace personal Adsense’s way to make money

personal Adsense how to make money, has become commonplace. I’ve written a similar article before. I write this article is intended to share some experiences and ideas, and not to show off my day in fact I also earn hundreds of hundreds, didn’t reach the state.

however, each finished things will be with me, and then say "teach me how to make money." "do, how to make money." "I bought a domain name, can you tell me how to make money with it." "now you make the number of days". And so on, every time I have a special helpless. Reply, for a while, the explanation is really not clear. Do not reply, and will be misunderstood to pretend 13. So I don’t want to write any more.

last night, there was a man who added me. I didn’t want to pass it. I read the material and I was 40 years old, though I didn’t know whether it was true or not. But if it were true, wouldn’t I crack down on someone who loves the Internet and has a persistent pursuit of the Internet?.

added him, and then said he wanted to learn to make web pages. I am better at network promotion work, for the site is self taught, half bucket water status. How do I dare to do. Well, I still talk about some of their own simple, suitable for novices on personal Adsense some of the views of money just.

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, website is a must. Although there are genuine fake and false online, not a variety of websites can make money. But there are so many cheats. How can you tell the difference as a new hand?. I think, grassroots Wangzhuan Road, or from the start site.

, this involves building websites. The station is both simple and hard to say. With the free and open source CMS ten minutes will be able to build a full-featured Web site, but some stations look almost more than 10 months of bloody technician.

as a novice, personal webmaster naturally choose the front of the kind. Find a free, open source CMS to build a website, and then rely on him to make money. (specifically how to do, many tutorials online, I will not wordy). The idea of making money for personal websites is nothing but three. That is selling products, selling services and selling advertisements.

says sell service first, say simply, the service that our individual stationmaster can offer has soft Wen generation to write, SEO service, website monitoring, top stick, hair outside catenary, do logo, wait a lot of many. But relatively speaking, selling services is tedious.

then says selling ads is making a website. Try to attract more traffic to come in. Then find a formal advertising alliance advertising, advertising to make money. Generally speaking, in accordance with the payment period, advertising alliance has 3 kinds, one is paid monthly, a weeks pay, a day to pay. Monthly Baidu Google alliance, etc.. The disadvantage is that it is too difficult to wait for that advertising fee, often until the flowers are thanked. A week for formal alliance with Tai Chi circle advertising alliance advertising alliances, nine wins. There are also daily payments, daily payments

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