The survival and development of personal websites should be the focus of the two sessions

these days, two sessions are being held in full swing, as an individual webmaster, but also hope that the Internet can have good news, hoping to hear some discussion involving personal webmaster survival topic. "Two sessions on behalf of, who can stand up for the Internet to speak?" this is the voice of individual owners, I hope this group of voices can be responded.

Sally Wu, host of

Phoenix TV, conducted a special interview with Li Yizhong, the Minister of the Ministry of industry and commerce. For Li Yizhong, personal Adsense is not strange, the Internet rectification movement is "benefit from" this minister li. From the closure of small coal mines, to close the copycat machine, to Green Dam, to shut down the Internet, Minister Li in folk mixed reviews. Internet users on Li Yizhong more is not understand, do not support, very concerned about.

In the

interview, host a direct reference to the users a question now facing a comprehensive network of Internet Chinese blocked personal website, how Li think about this issue? For the developing network of personal website, you support, or to be fully blocked? If there is any support, how to support the country? What will be the introduction of policies to support the development of? "This issue, for the majority of individual owners say the truth. Li Yizhong’s answer is "Internet rectification movement is to found the Internet, mobile phone of pornographic information, the purpose is to eliminate the blocking, delete, not an individual website, is to purify the network environment, is to rectify the illegal pornographic information".

said is very good, but the specific implementation, but it is not so stately, we do not know if this is the law enforcement departments in the implementation process of the deviation, or policy issues. The network has been rectifying for nearly half a year, personal websites continue to suffer, the policy is severe, but the effect is not obvious. Sites that should be hit still exist, and websites should be encouraged to fall. When the host asked the "found the problem and closure of the station again -" how long, Li Yizhong said, "at least in the first quarter of this period of time, I’m afraid to work harder so that we can see the effect in this special rectification, and it probably also need to continue for some time".

purification network environment, personal Adsense will actively cooperate, but the one size fits all approach is difficult to get approval, personal Adsense no guarantee. Although Li Yizhong said, "to suspend the personal website is not blocked website", but did not give personal website way, personal webmaster will undoubtedly push. In the interview, Mr. Li said, "at least in the first quarter to increase the intensity of work", it means that the government will introduce more stringent measures to rectify the network in the past period of time, purify the network environment? So strict policy, individual owners of the situation is more and more difficult to in a A5 forum poll in "do you think NPC and CPPCC, the Internet need to mention what case?", to participate in the vote, the majority of people expressed the hope that "proposals to encourage and support the Internet business and employment" is proposed. "Stand alone" is "mutual"

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