General secretary so much attention to the nternet we webmaster how to do

in the people’s Daily published on the occasion of 60th anniversary, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and state president and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao, 20 in the morning, Li Changchun, the Central Political Bureau Standing Committee Propaganda Minister Liu Yunshan accompanied by people’s daily inspection. 10 morning, general secretary Hu Jintao came to, in the forum with netizens online communication, while the general secretary also came to the Chinese Communist News Network, which is expected to, as senior friends, I am very excited, happy, many users feel like me. (Hu Jintao by online exchange with netizens (record)    

happy excitement, but we need to calm down and think about it, with general secretary in communication with the netizen said in a statement, I feel myself most of the pressure, the general secretary said "I usually surf the Internet, one would like to see a news both at home and abroad, two is to learn from the Internet net friend people what questions are concerned, some of what three is to understand the netizen friends work of the party and state what opinions and suggestions from the internet". The top party and state leaders on the Internet to see what has been told us clearly, since the general secretary so attention to the Internet, concerned about the website administrator, users care about, can not live up to the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Hu expect, we should also produce a satisfactory answer to the Secretary general.

so, I think, the first network platform provider, construction, good management is the responsibility of the site, the site should abide by the Constitution and Internet related laws and regulations, adhere to the correct guidance of propaganda, and actively spread the mainstream ideology and values, reflect the people’s wishes, to divert the public mood, create a good atmosphere for public opinion and social reform and development and maintenance stable, the web become close to reality, life and the masses of the ideological positions, at the same time must be to manage the bad and harmful information, and resolutely put yellow, gambling, naked, spoof, attack, reactionary remarks act out.

second, the majority of Internet users should be civilized, should consciously resist the bad wind online and ugly phenomenon, even if it is a virtual world, but is also behind the real people in the operation, each person’s words and deeds should pay attention to certain scale, follow the laws and regulations. Although each of us has published power and freedom of opinion, but everyone should love the people, not because you are free to hurt the rights of others, I think the General Secretary Hu’s words is not difficult to understand, the general secretary listened to the network public sentiment, absorb the network intelligence, this is a kind of pressure on users. Netizens is conscious of maintaining a healthy, rational and positive network environment, can pay attention to the process of social development, giving some constructive opinions and suggestions is a test for our users, only users all work together to create the mainstream network of advanced culture.

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