Webmaster in the forum to increase the exposure rate of several ways

published articles in the forum, in order to get a higher amount of browsing, content attractive is an important factor. However, it is not enough to attract people on the basis of content. In good content, if not managed, after a period of time, it still sinks into the forum. Well, how do we put our articles on the forums as much as possible, instead of disappearing into our vision in a blink of an eye?. That is to say, how can we make the article more exposure in the forum?. I summed up a few points.

one has a very attractive title,

good title to reflect the theme of this article, to let readers have tempted, browsing the desire to attract people to click! At present on the network crowd, no more than two: one is boring, the Internet is to pass the time; the other is on the network to check the information. Find some of their useful documents. Therefore, the title will be from the two aspects, which one is more entertainment, funny, novel, strange, this attract most attention of Internet users; and the other is a free resource sharing, jianglikun teacher once said, China users love free stuff, so free sharing of resources, will attract many readers, especially the Internet to search for information on the part of the crowd.

two, relatively good content,

just having a good title is not enough, because the Internet has little time cost for people. If readers enter your article page, but your article does not have any content, it is estimated that people will be a few lines of fancy, directly on the top right corner of the ×. Therefore, the content is best to absorb some of the relative. Can add some of the latest popular elements in it, or some funny content. If is the sharing of information, can try to write some xuanhu, or try to write some celebrities in the above, it is easier to keep readers.

three, using the forum’s exposure mechanism

all of the above methods are for readers only. It requires readers to see at least the title of your article. If the reader doesn’t see your article, so even if you write again good, also is useless. So, we have to increase the exposure of our articles in the forum.

general forum exposure point is nothing more than three points, namely: the latest release, the latest reply, * * hot.

1, the latest release: This is relatively small, but it can also be used. Because a forum, post generally not too little, too little, it is estimated that we will not go. Then, we should try to choose on-line articles, relatively large number of time periods. Thus, when our new article appears on the latest issue, it will be seen by a relatively large number of people.

2, the latest reply: our postings, after a period of time, will result in a decrease in visitor numbers for a variety of reasons. Then, I >

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