Stationmaster Suchi Chi the function of soft Wen

soft Wen should be said to be used more a kind of website promotion way, at the same time is also the most favorite kind of promotion way. Stationmaster writes soft Wen to send soft Wen to seem to become the daily job of ferial, some station grew into habit, as if one day does not write, feel less what, website flow can drop like. In fact, in many soft Wen are widely used in promotion. In the rapid development of the Internet today, the application of soft Wen has been pushed to a new height. Although it has been put forward "soft text useless theory", but in the website promotion work, the webmaster is really inseparable from the soft Wen, really did not write a soft Wen webmaster, I believe is almost nonexistent. Perhaps low-quality copy of the soft text will be objectionable, and even counterproductive. But a high quality, readable soft text effect is obvious. Compared with rigid advertising, soft text is more subtle. In the invisible want to promote the promotion of things taught to others, "the silent salutary influence of education". May inadvertently, you are caught in a wonderful soft text to you set the trap".

web site soft Wen promotion and other industries are different, website promotion soft text and other industry soft Wen, the biggest difference is to see the soft text of the group. Other industries, such as enterprises to promote their own products developed, issued a soft Wen, often hope that their product goals, users can read, and be guided to buy their own products. And webmaster write soft text, mainly not to target users see. Take a look at the webmaster, write the soft text of the place, you can see. Webmaster webmaster forum, Internet portal, portal and community, blog, their own websites, these owners often send the soft place in your own web site and the target user may visit, what are the main groups see the several places of other


yes, it’s the stationmaster. Stationmaster writes soft Wen, the person that sees also basically concentrates stationmaster. This is mainly because the webmaster write soft Wen promotion purpose has particularity, take my movie station for it, Adsense through soft Wen promotion, often hope to get more IP, more of the chain. So to rely on the webmaster portal and BBS popularity, and high weight, see the person is the webmaster, but the target user is not the webmaster. Webmaster portal and BBS high weight, can let soft text better faster search engine included, in the soft left address, the webmaster look after browse will bring some ip. And after the search engine included, potential users can search through keyword search easier to find and click on your station. This is the main role of webmaster writing soft. Through webmaster communication platform, increase IP and the chain, indirect attract users is webmaster write soft Wen the biggest purpose.

, however, precisely because the webmaster writing soft text has such characteristics, so that the role of soft Wen is not limited to promotion. Webmaster will soft text published in Webmaster portal, BBS and some other places, with its platform to increase the chain and IP, but also to the webmaster colleagues see. This is why the low quality and relevance of small webmaster plagiarism or soft webmaster does not love to see even to despise the eyes cause, only love to see webmaster, webmaster useful software talent >

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