Stationmaster you are not a person doing the station

Adsense is actually a very special group. They are the grassroots of the Internet, there are 3 million of the country’s Web site, of which more than half of the site is grassroots webmaster created small and medium-sized personal website. It can be seen that the strength of the webmaster group is so strong that they are actually the elite of the Internet. Maybe their personal strength is still very small for a while. Maybe they have many people still standing in obscurity and standing alone. But the individual stationmaster that saves enough energy is enough to billow billow in this vast deep-sea in the internet. Perhaps the second Ma Yun, Robin Li, Ma Huateng… Are hidden among them. This is a created legend era, every webmaster have the rise directly to a high position.

however, the stationmaster is a group full of loneliness. Although they also have their own families, in addition to doing the station, but also may engage in other work in the industry, but also will know many friends, contact all kinds of people. But in stationmaster circles, they may feel lonely. Because of the special nature of the station, the webmaster is a person in the corner, every day updated his website. Long term webmaster career also makes them become eccentric, unwilling to communicate with others. Working alone late into the night is a common experience for every station owner, and communication is also very little opportunity to communicate with others directly through qq. Usually the biggest fun is to outdated, to A5, to the webmaster BBS post irrigation. The virtual world has completely replaced the reality of communication, the lack of communication and cooperation with others has become the biggest problem facing the webmaster.

may be a lot of webmaster will think to do standing is personal thing, the webmaster itself is a loner group, personal heroism alone in the webmaster circle prevails. In the case of AC is cannot but passive to communicate with others. In fact, here, Adsense nets satisfied to introduce the concept of team consciousness, team consciousness and the webmaster may sound little relationship, but careful analysis you will find the webmaster is absolutely not the consciousness of team.

what is team consciousness? Team consciousness refers to the overall sense of teamwork, including team goals, team roles, team relationships, and team operation processes in four areas. Is the team with a different combination of skills of personnel, they are committed to a common purpose, common goals and mutual responsibility approach, through collaborative decision-making, composed of tactical team to achieve the common objective, the relationship between each of us, to play an important role in others. For any one of the collective organizations, training team awareness should be the top priority of organizational work. So personal Adsense is an independent person, why should cultivate team consciousness,


because in this competitive world of the Internet, you’re not alone. A station master is a large group of people. The Internet itself is a world of shared resources. How to survive in the competition, not only to improve their own ability, but also to actively learn from other people’s experience, and cooperation with others. For >

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