Talking about how to treat the flow of grass roots Adsense

flow, a diverse and sensitive topic, as a grassroots webmaster, it is our life, with it, we can survive. How to improve their website traffic, I talk about my opinions:

1: depending on the search engine, GG, Baidu and so on, most of the traffic to our site may be from search engines, from search engine traffic, stable, reliable, sustainable, so we must honestly do stand, updated every day, the most important is the Internet good, useful content, only in this way and your site has value, will be recognized by search engines, as long as you insist every day: "frequently updated, more original, high link, good promotion". Then, one day, your site will beef up, when the search engine on your website, your website weight, ranking will rise, then, will be updated to include your website every day, you will have a successful webmaster


2: depending on the search engine, speed is relatively slow, and Baidu is not recognized, K said you did not discuss, next, we should carry out the second step plan to safe! We can borrow someone else’s website passing of night, promote their own websites, for example: Sina, Tencent, forum, we okay, in some stickers, bring your own web site and related content of promotion, write their own website related soft text in Baidu space, forwarded to various forums, bring your own website keyword title, sent to the relevant forum! Can increase the flow, and secondly, to increase the anti link impression on the search engine will raise. Then go to Baidu search and answer your own website and related issues, to promote their own websites, if Baidu is included, when search related issues, you answer the questions will be found, then others will visit your website. In general, that is, around their own web site, write the relevant soft text, and then to promote, there are many of their own Baidu space, and some more than hundreds. Quantity is much, the effect is obvious, just like originally not road, and walk more people, become the road, we do website is so,


3: fight for independent IP, what is an independent IP? That is, do not rely on search engines and other sites, direct access to your web site access. If we have reached this level, then we are stepping on the threshold of success. To reach this point, we have to work together, first of all, people visiting your site through other ways, your website content to impress him, he has a collection of your website, the next time he is independent visitors, if your site is easy to remember, others remember, it is not say, independent visitors will increase. On the other hand, if your website is full of junk, it doesn’t make any sense to the user and hangs an ad, then don’t say next time, this time, he will turn off your web page at once!


as a grassroots webmaster, we are very hard, and we are looking forward to our own station can grow up quickly, but we should have a rational understanding, not too much

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