80 T grassroots Adsense 8 years job that job job to duty two law

time is always inadvertently, so quietly, from you, I, his fingertips in the rapid passage of time, has turned into the winter of December 2012. I saw A5 job recruitment essay for my career, graduated from 2004 until now, has nearly eight years of work experience, I have more or less some perception of a word or two. In A5 similar essay also has many activities for the kind of pure, I have no confidence vote is equal, although it is hard to write every entries, is a no canvassing, the final outcome is 90% defeat. I found myself in the purpose of it is to win a prize, expectations are too high, and over confident, so I can’t find the sense of achievement and satisfaction, thankfully I broke the line, is no longer the only pure rushed to catch up with the last car award, this essay. I will use a sincere heart to share code, as 80 IT grassroots webmaster eight years job that something, hope and have a common experience of people "……

‘s first job application was for a cosmetics industry portal editor. For a bank that has just been "left", I have little knowledge of the Internet, and my only capital is the professional theory of Journalism and communication, frankly speaking, there is no practical experience. I was in the mood to try and sign up with my university graduation, my paper, and a couple of College half – literature stubs. After a brief look at my resume and my work, the personnel officer asked me to fill out their application form and wait for the interview. Two days later, by the way, I’ll get an interview. As usual, the personnel director asked the basic personal information, interview the impression most makes me feel difficult to answer the question of "what you don’t know anything about the cosmetics, why do you choose to do the cosmetics industry website editor?" my answer is: "although I am not very understanding of cosmetics, but I have a strong learning ability, I believe that through their own efforts, will soon be familiar with the cosmetics industry. The reason why I choose network editing is that I prefer editors and journalists, and the Internet is a new fourth media. It has a very promising market." Then I accepted the interview with the manager of the company. Fortunately, I got the first job in the IT industry in my first interview.

, second job applicants, is a regional regional portal editor. Previously served as a network editor in charge of cosmetics industry, has been responsible for the beauty salon area, the Institute of managers, dealer colleges and other columns, can initially apply Web authoring software. Interviewed olayje beauty cosmetics industry, the United States, Tongzhou yameizi two a, Beijing Ocean Village, Fuleilan, ludanlan · Dench and Eve, CEOs and beauty industry professionals; published "China cosmetics net create harmonious consumption", "up to the customer service center in C2CC three to highlight" 2006: outstanding works, "inventory of direct selling license of cosmetics enterprise" and other effects. I take these self conditions to apply for the local entrance editor, the process is also quite smooth, direct PASS. < >

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