The wonderful benefits of corporate website filing

industry knows that the use of domestic space must have a record number, the benefits of the site for the record all know that the speed of opening and stability must be better than foreign space, this is beyond doubt. Sharing the network to share is the record site in the daily operation process brings us all kinds of convenience and benefits

1, search results display information for record

look at the picture below, the search results show whether the site has the record, business or personal record are displayed, for search results, record hits and trust is not much higher than the record. Although the search engines are not for all the industry now, who knows how that day will be for all industries,



two, official website certification


Three advantages of

‘s official website certification:

advantage, authority symbol: search results in the official website logo, is a symbol of the authority of the site, you can make your site easier to obtain trust of Internet users.

advantage two, accurate positioning: Official Website certification, accurate positioning of Internet search demand, help you quickly attract Internet users attention, enhance exposure, enhance click through rate.

advantage three, show advantages: through the official website certification, you will get better display position and show style, give you more quality flow.

to get Baidu’s official website certification, the site must be provided to the enterprise for the record number, as shown in figure


three, remove 360 of the dangerous sites prompt

site because of security issues, is horse invasion, if not detected and removed, some sites will be 360 or Tencent Security Manager interception, and suggested that the website is dangerous, if not to lift this tip, you will have one website open




to submit 360 of the lifting of the complaint, as shown below, we can see 360, you need the site to provide business licenses and ICP filing and other documents


four, the advertising alliance requires the site to be filed for

most advertising affiliate sites have to be filed for applications such as Baidu, Ali mom, CDN alliance, etc.

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