Do the site in the end should be quantity priority or quality first

recently, more and more people pay attention to the content of the website, but I say this view, there may be a lot of people throwing eggs. But that’s OK. Let’s talk about it together.

to tell you the truth of this problem is very confused, I have been very concerned about the quality of the website, because going to long time operation. We can see from the Henan secondary network, from both programming and art and layout are dedicated, the code is written, SEO is optimized, but to see the forum so many people rely on collecting garbage station rich, some can be said to have no technical content, release system available, all the data collected, it can earn money, than their own web site, I kept demanding more. See these really shaken the truth, some trash content acquisition, actually Baidu also included hundreds of thousands of pages, although the quality is not high, but the number of scary.IP estimation should be able to have tens of thousands of you, this is the original content than I (issued by users) a genius for thousands of IP By comparison, we can definitely win by quantity.

In fact,

deep thinking, this may also present Chinese situation, copyright and intellectual property rights awareness is not strong enough sense of innovation, impetuous and utilitarian thought prevailed, borrowed from economics says " bad money drives out good money. In fact, more than " the webmaster is like this, the whole society is not so recently? Not a vice president of Zhengzhou University also exposed the fraud events to declare titles, vice president like this, the owners also collect what big thing.

want to turn, personal time and energy is limited, if only the pursuit of quality, will certainly cause the Baidu and GOOGLE included too few, undervisited, and now the search engine is not intelligent enough to judge the original, even if you a large number of original, perhaps the first to the last row is not necessarily your website I used network in Henan, discovered the problem, some obviously in Henan is the first online second-hand information, Baidu search, the first row is actually the collection site, and acquired obvious traces. Although some angry, but also to respect the facts, the fact is our best teacher. He is a fact first, the only way to go beyond him. But for this kind of classified information website visitors by " " original; website – not enough, Baidu included no I P traffic, no traffic will not have many people to send information, into a vicious spiral, which in turn is a good virtuous cycle: a collection of the more, the greater the amount of access, the original " " information more and more, prompting Baidu to more of the collected chicken is also the first. The egg problem has been very obvious, so I decided to change the way of thinking, taking both the quantity and quality of the road, these days are moderately collected some information, have a certain effect.

my view is summed up as follows: for classified information sites, quantity and quality are important, but the earlier quantity seems to be more

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