Are you tired today stationmaster

just graduated from school soon, before the major is computer, but read the basic read, also to the past four years. Now I just know a programming language called C, the other is simply no mumbo-jumbo. One day last month inadvertently exposed to Admin5, in the above diving for a long time, but also learn a lot of things, have their own site idea, actually the biggest motivation is to see everyone can earn currency, let alone my low ah, life is really too difficult, in addition to work really want to earn more money, doing business is not so much money. Investment is only a few hundred, a station to see.

I like planning better, so before I do it, I wrote a rough schedule:

study for 3 days html

1 days to select CMS and master the basic use of

2 days to make a template

3 day website theme, and collect all need to collect the site, learn to collect, collect data,.

1 days to buy space, domain name, upload data

side of a person, but also do not know standing friends, so in accordance with this train of thought to go on, day by day, meat, days, secretly live, find themselves more and more tired. Just bite a tooth, do stand tired, finally stand ready, the excitement is exciting but does not seem so exciting, the body may be too tired, I found that I had 1 weeks didn’t go out for a long time, have not seen the sun. Webmaster, are you tired,


put the station to Baidu, two days, not included, the heart suddenly cool, and I’m really tired.

I think I should be the first station not included the feeble, for newcomers, some suggestions to the player.

welcome to my station, welcome guidance, welcome to collect, ha ha.

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