Analysis of Baidu’s recent large scale K stations


from the beginning of April 1st, with the crazy way to transform their own algorithm, most of the webmaster website suffered a great blow, the first is the decline of the website rankings, then is the home page of the sink and so on is right down the phenomenon, however, if we observe carefully, which is the inevitable accidental.

first of all, in April 1st, Baidu with "fool’s Day" K station, with each webmaster have opened a big joke, this time K station involves a wide range, in many webmaster have never met before. Then, the keywords ranking algorithm has been greatly adjusted, so that many webmasters are at a loss, and in the major forums curse Baidu. But after cursing, will the webmaster review themselves?


if we will find that after careful analysis, since last December, Baidu every day in the screening of useless information, repetitive information the pace has been continued to give a lot of ctrl+V website with a lot of warning, and even can be said to be given a start with a clean slate time, but in front of the ranking and traffic utility, a lot of people to take this into account, even ignoring this. Not even give up, cherish this rare opportunity, led to the April 1st large-scale complain after K.

to this website, for example, the website is from 08 years in November revision success, when it was aimed at the optimization of keywords. Key words "ceiling" and "ceiling" search volume are above 15 million. In the analysis before optimization, we found that the content of the top web portals is quite similar, but the structure of the website itself is different. At that time, with a month’s time, two keywords ranking in Baidu’s natural ranking of the top 10. Up to 09 years in April 1st, the "ceiling" and "ceiling" search volume were 6 and 5 more than a million. The proportion of screening is over 2/3. Is this just a regular phenomenon??? In fact, according to the tracking based on the analysis of these two words, from January 1st to April 1st, Baidu search volume of these two words have been slowly screening, but only in April 1st large-scale speed..

do this, the content is the real king, I believe that both the reader (visitors) or engine (spider) will not deny the creative content of the site, even if the intention is not he (it) that the effect of love..

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