High school students do BBS a week do every day 200P experience

I am a high school student, I began to contact the Internet in primary school (when I was a legend), junior high school is also immersed in the game. When I was in high school, I thought playing games wasn’t a way out. Then began to browse the Webmaster Station, determined to make a website of their own. At first, I didn’t think about buying space. Casually find a free space, the domain name will provide a garbage station! Finally, to the high school side realize these. Take the real road to battle! Www.kumaopu.com is the station I want to explain!


is nonsense. Now, get to the point. First of all, the forum all finished, to rent a HM space (unlimited station, the size of the 1500G, you can use 150G on the good, rather than share out), about 400 yuan a year? I rent 300 (not too expensive, enough to earn advertising fees) so, after the opening of a free space plate in the forum, campaigning for forum gold for space, the specific price yourself (I am set: http://s.kumop.com.cn/read.php? Tid-1.html), and then to the Baidu to provide free resources website to submit your forum for free space, I lost it is submitted to and so on let the webmaster to lay behind the station, advertising, with long, content and traffic on the site are up.

PS: advertising a little bit, the first post, we understand. Willing to talk more, add me QQ306807429 QQ934716

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