Talk about the operation of the website know how to build high quality content

know, this with a number of classical Chinese breath name, giving the intuitive feeling is that there is depth, insight, precipitation, there is no commercial atmosphere. For a social question and answer platform, you need to focus on encouraging users to share professional experience, and to help more people grow and progress together. Not to copy and paste the integral, question and answer, to win the number.

throughout, many questions and answers platform: Baidu know, Search ask, Sina love ask, YAHOO knowledge hall. Know to show you more perfect, more detailed and more diversified solutions, when you are in the search engine to search when you answer, when you know that the answer is always copy paste and give an irrelevant answer in Baidu this time, might as well stay known. Knowing that there are a large number of high quality respondents, they can give you detailed guidance in various fields to help you resolve your current concerns. For the content of the professional, you can register and understand the purpose of this site.

earn points, VS, think and share

many friends may ask, the content of professional people have been saying, also very seriously, why not do Baidu, Sina, YAHOO do not do, but let this set up in 11 years, relatively young know do? I think one of the reasons is the incentive mechanism and identify the target population.

, compared to other platforms of the "integration mechanism", in the know, but not. In the know, more attention is paid to the thinking and sharing, the person answering the question is not to force yourself to answer the questions in order to earn points, but in the process of answering questions, the ability to make their thinking and exercise to solve problems, develop their own ability to get. And if you answer the question of high quality, may also get the industry’s approval and concern, their popularity will rise, and may even affect their career. So, who cares about points more than these? And, conversely, if a quiz website attracts more users by earning points, I think the person you’re looking for must be unreliable. Because any thinking person is unlikely to just pursue online points, the so-called title, this is not to find something marginal…


in addition, with the same bit of knowledge, almost a birth attracted a large number of Internet practitioners, +IT practitioners, and many of these people are also industry celebrities, experts and scholars. So the atmosphere there, no one is willing to answer questions casually, especially in the "master clouds" in the know, when your social status is high, or there are some people, no one is willing to make a fool of yourself, just ask some problems, answers people give an irrelevant answer. Love is the face of the environment can also affect people. Of course, things are divided into two sides, while maintaining the quality of the content, it will also have some negative impact on user activity, and may also evolve into a lot of questions, but no one answered. No, no >

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