Some experiences in marketing promotion of enterprise products

on product network marketing more comprehensive promotion skills than pure SEO, which is not only to make their products can such a simple question appears in the search engine, but the purpose of network marketing is very simple, is the product of the sales go out as much as possible. This kind of website itself has a certain degree of professionalism, so the product and network promotion technology are very familiar with, is the product promotion and get very good effect premise. The concept of network marketing can refer to Baidu encyclopedia, more detailed, you can also refer to the relevant books, here I will only talk about their experience.

first of all, you need to have product sales, which is the premise. For example, clothing, agricultural products, chemicals and other tangible products, can also be intangible services products, these are suitable for network marketing. The categories, features and application directions of the products determine the content and direction of the website. For example, the company’s sales of PTFE belongs to chemical industry, PTFE has good corrosion resistance, self lubrication, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mainly used in sealing and lubricating equipment of high temperature and high requirements of equipment. This is your product marketing needs to determine the range, so you can be targeted to promote your products, not blind, you can get information from the relevant nature of the site, you can also be more effective in advertising such website.

on the web site, you should also be aware of your competitors, check out their website is how, so your site can also have a good or bad example, so you can learn from previous director, to avoid the previous short. What columns need to be established, how to optimize the website, what to use, promotion methods and so on, which can be learned. Of course, learning is not plagiarism. It is useless to copy the content of others and copy other people’s pictures completely. After you know your competitors’ website, you need to choose a suitable domain name for your business or product. A good domain name for a business impact may be lifelong, web site can be revised, domain name less one letter is completely another site. Domain name itself has a lot of rules, which can be found in the search engine related knowledge, you can also learn from some examples of success. The company’s product Teflon chemical name PTFE, so many companies are using the *+ptfe way, simple and clear, but not all very easy to remember. Another easy to remember naming method is pinyin or Pinyin abbreviation. The company is also applied for the two domain names, respectively, established a Teflon and PTFE network. A good domain name easy to remember, which itself is a very good way of promotion. Ready to be related to domain name and website content, you need to select a stable server space, do not want to spend money, this work itself is not much, unstable server may damage is not just a business, there may even damage to the corporate image. The next thing is to build websites and add content.

after the completion of the site, do not rush to resolve and publish domain names, you also need to optimize the site for the overall SEO. Here Lord >

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