The 200 million O2O company grew on six words traffic word of mouth and service

Abstract: this year the tuba rabbit focus on two points: traffic and service. Traffic is not only concerned about online traffic, but also concerned about the line traffic, the service is not only concerned about the previous word of mouth, but also concerned about how to make word of mouth and service more reference and perception.

, "CEO says," entrepreneurship micro class guests:

Liu Quan, vice president of O2O Home Internet platform Tuba rabbit ", tuba rabbit announced in March this year, completed by Sequoia, Jingwei, 58 city investment of $200 million C round of financing.


spokesperson Wang Han

: Tuba rabbit

following guests share:

asked Liu: Hello, welcome to the "CEO" micro business class, would you please make an introduction of myself and tuba rabbit company.

Liu Quan: Good evening. I’m Liu Quan Tuba rabbit, tuba rabbit is established in Shenzhen in 08 years of business, the past few years is the development of relatively fast, thank you for your support! Tuba rabbit is committed to the decoration industry, to improve the opaque decoration industry using the Internet thinking phenomenon, so that the decoration also becomes simple. Let everyone enjoy the decoration decoration is easy, fun, in the past few years we have been trying to do such things.

Tuba rabbit from the beginning of the 08 years, from a dozen of the team now has developed into a team of nearly 2000 people, from the beginning in the industry is not what fame development up to now the top spot in the industry, this is the service of the owners and the whole industry of our approval.

we have been trying to solve the problem of "live" Chinese, decoration is actually carrying the dream of many people and look forward to, but one thing is so big but there are many pain points: the owners have high hopes for the decoration decoration, but a long cycle, the construction time in 2-3 months, in addition to the house hard outfit soft outfit, the renovation costs are relatively high, non standardized full participation led to the decoration of the satisfaction is relatively low. Owners throughout the process there are many pain points, these pain points gave us an opportunity in the field of Internet decoration.

: in your opinion, what is the pain point in the traditional decoration field?

Liu Quan: when it comes to specific pain points, I think there are four aspects that can be said. The first point is difficult to find, pain, in such a deep wide north city, looking for a decoration company is very difficult, only through a friend, or looking online, consumers do not know the decoration company is good or bad, is largely rely on luck.

second points of pain is the decoration company services, often there are many companies before and after the signing of the contract service attitude is completely different, often follow-up is not timely, and this is not in time, it can not keep up.

third pain points are decoration links, involving a lot of professional knowledge, the owners do not know how to quote, do not know whether the decoration should do so, the quality is not

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