The essence of doing web site is to do platform service


site in the end how to locate, what kind of website to be successful, say, can use the Internet of services for users of the site can be successful.

many people question whether they can make money in the end, and the answer is yes. From a narrow point of view, the money is not the website itself, but with the help of the web site to provide users with services, through services to obtain certain benefits. From a broad perspective, garbage station, to be the site with the flow again to sell website, which is to make money, but the station experienced several hands, the final winners are mostly GG, or the use of garbage station contacts and groups of users, will be gradually improved as the garbage station station or other industry "regular station", that is to say the website is a platform. Remember, the site itself is of no practical value.

Since it is a

platform, so people put a lot of effort on technology at the beginning of the site is not to say, are not the main focus on the development of Web sites, web site as a platform, as long as it is convenient for users to provide services. Two very powerful female master I have seen, is a "faint Lily", making pictures using the website teaching staff, tens of thousands of monthly income, her website depends entirely on the membership fees paid. The second is the Admin5 on District moderator Liu Chang, rely on the website to sell coffee to get income, it is not difficult to see, they on the platform of a good grasp of. And they in the website itself operation and maintenance spend time and energy is very little, the main energy in doing service, the service is done, the function of the website this platform appeared.

many novice in the beginning of the station is a station under the trash, this is also not a bad idea, but on the one or two, if we really want to do as an occupation, or to consider doing regular warfare, that is to find a good starting point, through the network to build a platform. To do service. Any website, devoted a year or so, would have, if they can persist for 35 years, some may become the industry leader, but note that this period may even pay no income in turn, if can persist, can use five years to build a website is definitely able to rely on this website to get considerable income.

              now many of the owners are feeling the garbage station has become more and more difficult, especially on the alliance life garbage station, in the face of Baidu K station, union buckle quantity, more sad days, more and more people into the individual owners of the team, most of all from the station to the garbage station virtually makes the competition more and more intense, often a key word, tens of thousands of owners in the competition, facing the situation of shortage, the injured is always webmaster, rather than focus on doing regular stations, combined with personal practice, honestly do platform service.


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