The stationmaster plays CPA in a different way

CPC, a webmaster is commonly used advertising model, but I don’t love this way, the reason is because it’s too easy to K, sometimes I don’t cheat, but because the click is too high to be K, I generally use CAP mode

, let’s first explain CPA (Cost-per-Action): a pricing model based on how each visitor charges for online advertising. There are special definitions of user actions, including forming a transaction, getting a registered user, or clicking on an ad on the network. I like to do so CPA alliance "Jinshan dominate" advertising promotion now, I through SEO alone for Jinshan dominate a page, do Jinshan dominate, antivirus software, such as search engine optimization of the relevant keywords, so that I may be a station from this page to the IP only 1-10, but for the the directional needs of the population, so the promotion effect is very high, this is just one example, if I finish a lot of alliance to promote the products, then the income is very impressive.

this way to estimate someone will say that TAOBAO will guide better than this, but also high profit products, there are a lot of options, but you must first think clearly, TAOBAO others are typically guide other sellers price, not necessarily on the point into the store to buy, so there will be some mistakes rate, but from the search engine came to see Jinshan dominate Internet users to download this chance is a big promotion advertising ~

It can be

to understand the word search "Kingsoft" users should want to go under the "Kingsoft"

this article by the "non mainstream" starting, reproduced please indicate the source

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