The sad stationmaster created Jay Chou’s Rainbow version of farewell website the song MV

in the face of the economic crisis, the Internet economic depression, many small owners have chosen to give up or change; open the webmaster website and related industry forum, domain name sale, resale of the website information and post operation for many years many webmaster hard meet the eye everywhere, the website that is the moment to change others, there are too many sad and helpless. Small webmaster this winter? Is to choose to give up, or to choose transition? Is to choose to say goodbye to this sad quagmire, or to choose reserve experience technology? Is individual website era really want to end

?According to

Jay Chou with the song "Rainbow" adapted by the Dalian plant network (chips) invited by the Dalian area network ( is the webmaster Kung Fu (QQ:635286083) following the November 22, 2007 "stationmaster" sad song, after a lapse of 1 years, again personally lyrics, covers, creative writers, dialogue and completed under the supervision of the second wave of webmaster the theme song of "farewell" website in AD 2008 the winter occasion, warmth released.


of all the video resources collected from the network into a picture of the song, Jay Chou movie "initial D", "secret", Stephen Chow "Yangtze River seven"; Zhao Benshan Song Dandan sketch "Torch", "yesterday today tomorrow"; "tea tea" television advertising and advertising Yahoo blockbuster "past and present". Also let more outsiders look at our webmaster this group, not only can do website, can also make such excellent songs video!


this song is dedicated to all the video and choose reluctantly selling station, sad farewell Webmaster: sincerely hope to be able to let you find resonance, farewell troubles, an easy! Full of warm blessing video can help you drive away the cold of winter! If heart, dream on, big deal. Start again! Song "farewell" video website appreciate as follows:  

released the song at the same time, Dalian District website Kung Fu just released the same period "farewell website" ten Proverbs:

1, farewell website, is not to choose to escape, but to bound their consciousness, emotion and action farewell. The Internet is just a tool, how can we become a tool for the slave, exhaustion or determination of


2, the webmaster insanely hard, even can forget, can not forget the parents bring us up! The struggle, we should not only look at the PV, we should also see, the parents hair is very black.

3, the subprime crisis, economic recession, how to spend this winter? Save economic power, learn to cut costs; reserve experience, flowers will bloom in spring, the starting date; concentrate on the development of the user, not to let the flow of hibernation.

4, more original, more finishing, love summing up, thinking often – actually engraved

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