Where sites are is modeled after innovation can be successful in the official career


website has experienced several years of development, the development has encountered a bottleneck, large and small local stations are stagnant, I place the same site in three months ago, the ranking does not go on, the flow does not go on, popularity does not go on, but through active exploration and analysis, summed up a little experience: local web site is a model that can not satisfy the user curiosity, must learn to imitate the behind – innovation, only then can get rapid development.

after three months of hard work, my local website ranking rose to the fourth Baidu, IP doubled, popularity soared, so I think only do local station innovation development way, it is my innovation is the website now, only the future development of the website, today I would like to innovation a little experience tell you webmaster, hope that the webmaster abandoned mining imitation, innovative thinking, to make their sites successful in the official career.

1. Website overall innovation, self created development ideas.

The first method of

innovation is the most profitable and the most risky. Discard the original local website templates, create a set of development ideas, and thoroughly serve the users, this innovation is equivalent to China’s reform and opening up. The formation of a big innovation, users need to get rid of the previous thinking, this is a process, the webmaster also need to pay more energy and money, in order to do well in innovation, I suggest the following points;

1. is composed of a core technology team, team development technology, provide technical support, the stationmaster is responsible for foreign exchange and payments, such as webmaster can save the time and site can be developed rapidly, and now I look at the local site core team web sites are not many, the most fundamental reason is the traditional thinking the owners have not been changed, in fact, a useful person is not a waste of money, but for you to create wealth. I used to do and when Chengde is considered a website by a person on the line, later proved only by the team sites will be successful in the official career.

2. self change ideas, from the development of self transformation to the development of competition, a place not only you such a website, more competitors, and more to do station method of competitor analysis, combined with their own innovation, so you will have the innovation is innovation achievements. I re do when the local website to get experience is: 7 o’clock every morning on time update happened the day before four pm, and then update the morning events, 8 p.m. update what happened in the afternoon, is this a little bit of experience, let me benefit, website ranking from 146 in three months up to thirteenth place, because in front of competitors are too fierce, now is fourth. But I think as long as I stick to it, use these experiences to do the website, to innovate the website, one day, the first is mine.

two, website details of innovation, to lead the trend of society.

The details of the changes on the

site are also a good innovation

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