Oh my station

I have many years of standing, but not an old webmaster, to Admin5 on a look, just know I have more dishes. Tell me about my experience and communicate with everyone, although my website has been very depressed.

I was studying agricultural machinery, a chance to come into contact with the computer, and then Frontpage. In the NetEase also provides personal space, do a few static pages, passed up. Very pleased with oneself for a good

SARS came into contact with the server that year, so began to build a career, and began to be static web pages, the site is also publicity for the unit. Later contact with the Yi Yi, but also began a dynamic website construction. (don’t laugh at me. I work on a tractor and work on a computer.)

next, apply to the first domain I, played a very vulgar name "blessing to the network" (5door.com), began to want to do the navigation station, do some feel no sense of achievement, as for agricultural technology station (after all, I was farming, the family and relatives are engaged in planting and breeding). From then on, copy and paste day and night, which learned to use the dynamic acquisition. In my efforts, the capacity of my website has also increased. When exposed to 3721, just know that the site is to make money ^_^. Because the website flow is small, still did not receive 3721 yuan, it is not done. Next, apply for Baidu search, but Baidu theme promotion has not approved me, and applied for Google.

in 2007, my website visited once, the most time, IP nearly 400, PV nearly 1000. At this time, full of confidence, did a lot of day into 1 knives dream. Suddenly, found Ali mother, thought it was a chance to get rich, apply for, plus advertising. I thought, this time really have to make money… But the good times don’t last long, half a month later, IP found only a dozen, Baidu only included the home page. And Baidu alliance exchange, they said that search and alliance two lines can not be solved. Everywhere to find the reason, just know, Admin5, just know that website is to advertise…

bid farewell to "mother", every day around the time to post publicity, traffic or not much change. Calm down, feel as if a bit of instant success, or from their own way, more attract visitors.

it’s warm outside, and I’m trying to build spring for the website,


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