Pinterest’s success depends on its operations says mogujie com What do you think


is called the "waterfall originator" photo sharing site Pinterest has now become the third largest Internet traffic sources, the CEO Ben Silbermann Y Combinator Startup held in School to share his story. He said that Pinterest’s success depends largely on marketing, especially grassroots marketing, rather than technology.

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Pinterest, there were only 3000 users, but most of them were active users. Like Silberman, they all like Pinterest very much. Silberman believes that instead of constantly adjusting and improving the product, it’s better to look for more people who like this site as much as they do.


Pinterest combined with some local fashion boutiques held rallies, and take some interesting pictures for the participants; also invited bloggers in each blog like "Pin It Forward" campaign to attract more users through their communication.

initially, many investors were reluctant to invest in Pinterest, one of the reasons probably because its founding Silberman was not technically born. Some investors also offered a lot of technical advice to improve the Pinterest site. And a few years ago, compared to Pinterest, which emphasizes visual effects and does not have much time – consuming style, VC seems to prefer the text-based real-time web sites.

Silbermann says he has also considered hiring some excellent graduates to develop better algorithms to make Pinterest grow faster. But in the end, he found that Pinterest needed better channels of communication.

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in the domestic market, social shopping has become a trend. Beautiful say, and so on many kind of Pinterest website makes the wind and water. Did their success come from good marketing as well as Pinterest,




is a copy of Pinterest, beautiful and are focused on different directions:

1. from KPI:

beautiful said: "for the beautiful, said employees, the" fashion people "mining, operation and maintenance is the most important KPI. That is, through the excavation of the core opinions of 5% leaders, they are guided to create a large number of high-quality, aesthetic original content, to attract users;

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