The development prospect of local portal website

perhaps for personal webmaster, energy and financial resources is limited, we can’t want to do at once, how big, only do small, do special, and then bigger, is our way out.

with the advent of the Internet era, China’s traditional media are invariably affected by different magnitudes. Each enterprise’s on-line has brought us the later period ponder.

from 2000 to 2007, large and medium-sized enterprises have set up their own independent websites immediately. My analysis of the Guangzhou market shows that in 2000, 10 enterprises went online, and by 2007, 303000 enterprises had access to the internet. It is understandable that a large enterprise has a website. In order to protect the brand, they should set up their own status in the network at all costs. And small and medium enterprises? Not to say that the website is a mistake, but can say is a kind of blind herd.

an enterprise in accordance with the local market point of view, the establishment of their own website costs less than 3000 yuan, of which the annual cost of higher than 1000 yuan. But how much revenue did they receive from the Internet? My company client website message version, only a year to 20 (including your staff’s message; online orders 5). This will inevitably take into account the late network promotion did not do in place. Just think, what is suitable for SMEs at present, not spending a lot of money, and can get good publicity effect? It can be said that they request two ways, one, buy search engines, and ranking. Two, landing industry website, borrow the east wind to comfort yourself.

on search engines and rankings, we all know more, the actual effect of the general counterparts in the people have some understanding. 3721, the general web site, Baidu, Google, which of them can play a really good role, the increase in click through rate at the same time, increasing the amount of spam.

Alibaba, China production network is the typical BtoB website, 2000 2001 Chinese know Alibaba, making network was born, three or four years has brought infinite vitality to the Chinese BtoB market, their foothold on the enterprise is Chinese directly, for the sake of Chinese enterprise, for the sake of China products. Many enterprises are willing to join in can get good returns directly, than a website of your own to the more practical problem, but can not avoid the cost of many small businesses is not acceptable, so that they can not afford a year million of the cost.

Dangdang bookstore, frequent pop-up ads in the network to promote their own, let almost all net remember their names, their BtoC model to facilitate the national network, but also to let everyone know to the internet. But the security problem is that people who don’t have a deep network never feel sorry for themselves.

as long as I take a look at the simple analysis, I think many people know their strengths and weaknesses.

local industry Web site, as the name suggests, is built on the place

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