Garbage movie station sentiment three skills to build their own love station

garbage station, I set up a number of garbage stations at once, it’s hard to update. Only two garbage stations are persistent and one of my favorite garbage sites. QQ group QQ group: 6454446

you search movie network, this site is actually one of the most common and the most rubbish movie video station, but I insist on updating every day, timing, fixed-point, quantitative artificial updates.

my update time is locked from zero a.m. to seven a.m., during which time the time required to update movie resources. Why? The speed of the Internet the most exciting time, no one and you grab broadband network bandwidth, the main goal of the portal site of the popularity is the lowest time, search and open other related web site is also relatively fast.

What is the

point? The point is to specify that you have reached the designated destination video station to selectively add to your own movie and video station. Usually more than 1000 of the popularity of the film will be added to enter, to ensure popularity. On the other hand is in the video portal station video will go through their audit checks, can effectively avoid the yellow band stalking his porn.

quantitative is updated only 20 per day data can be, because it is not collected, not a large number of updates, if a large number of updates, naturally there will be a high degree of repeated duplication of film resources.

now, my biggest headache is Baidu’s rights down, probably because the previous episode’s keyword is too eye-catching. "Country love 2" this keyword once ranked first, is located in Youku, potatoes, I le, Sina, Baidu video above, the peak of this keyword traffic came 13 thousand IP a day.

peak after Baidu traffic began the day down, I think it is right down processing, the gun fight bird…

… Hey, Mingku ah!

now everywhere desperately stop moments in the dumpster, despise the garbage station, but who knows how much garbage every day the domestic new


garbage station colleagues: seriously, hard and persistent, I believe that garbage will be valuable, if you want to do it carefully,


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