And grassroots webmaster share the sweet and sour process of site building

time blink of an eye in the past, as I have more than 10 years of Internet experience, although these years also do a few sites, but later not a website is successful, in the end still empty. Now that time has hovered over, confused, depressed, until now I don’t know what is the webmaster? Since this website now (free house), I finally determine the site of the direction of the struggle, I will now present the home net of the whole process of establishment of free resources and share with you.

1, the domain name choice: a domain name and website name we like, how to play a good and easy to remember domain name is not really easy, that time all day thinking about how to stop the search domain combination, is not the domain name has been registered, the trading center to see there is no suitable domain name, see the price is in accordance with the their bottom line and so on, for a domain name, it took me more than a month’s time. As the saying goes, sometime, now this domain name when I almost no confidence, through the website name first Chinese Pinyin combination to.

2, website content: in the construction of a website early, website content is already positioning, we can not numb pursuit of portal structure like Sina, NetEase that, after all we are small owners, no ability, energy, capital and talent to operate so big and complete website, we want to play our expertise in a very small area to. When I chose the free resources of very small areas, through Baidu, Google to stop the search sites of the same type, do not stop compared to those of the top-ranking website have what special content for your website to provide the reference, often you build more precise direction, more likely to succeed. But as time goes on, people often refer to the site, will produce fatigue, old feelings of others is good, this time do not on the website template, content change, or will be punished by a search engine, website drop right or K stand often. So once the content of the website positioning, not to cannot but when must not easily change.

3, website record: in China, the establishment of the site should also comply with Chinese characteristics, often many webmaster did not take this seriously, and that my site is not illegal, you can skip the site for the record. This site I (free home) is the same, when I site has no record of the time, Baidu, Google and other search engines have included a number of pages, did not think I was 5 communication management website space, reason is no prior to the Local Communication Management Bureau for the record, but when I spent nearly a month record in place after the site is Baidu, Google and other search engines K off or drop right, it took me three months to get the fault remedy, to reach the amount collected three months before the original, this is a painful lesson for a novice webmaster.

4, website optimization and publicity: talking about optimization (SEO) >

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