Do the website do what you like

I am a technical secondary school student. I haven’t graduated yet. I have been studying at school, but I have been engaged in ", which is closely related to the Internet. ".

a year ago, began to take a great interest in the personal website, that we are not afraid of a joke, although the university is about graphic design, website knowledge, or a little bit in their work slowly accumulated, always want to build their own websites, is a test of their understanding of the website the knowledge of the two, is the hope that through the website and through the website operation later to bring some of their extra income.

The first site

I do is get inspiration from Taobao, because he usually runs a Taobao store, dedicated to the decoration shop, there are a lot of customers ask me about the counter, can not find a suitable love material, including how to use. I searched counter sites on the Internet and made very few professional ones. Thought has, say, do. I put in a month’s salary and asked the program to design the background for me. My love affair with my girlfriend was on the verge of collapse and needed to travel back and forth between two cities. I need money at this time. Perhaps this relatively anxious idea, so that I have not been quiet down and running the site, including the background procedures to do is not too perfect, many of the effects are not achieved. Because of the space business website to counter. So my first website just announced his end.


was working on my counter site, I built my second station, "126 model nets",  . The main content is the work summary and report, and did not want to profit through him. But one day when the flow ratio increases for a day, I feel strongly that we have common interests of users concerned about this website, and then opened up energy-saving forum, this time Shushuwang retired, I put all my energy into my 126 essay and network forum, forum more than 6000 my post is a my hair up, popularity is there, but the web site users to interact or rarely, so I came up with a kind of interactive means to seduce you, now my website IP has broken the 500, which for many large web sites is not what. But for a small personal website has just run is a great encouragement, every day after school is the most happy on my website to update, do activities, communicate with netizens, although not too big Grades, but I believe that as long as I love him, I have the motivation to do it well,


finally, I wish all of you would be able to walk on the road again. And I wish my friends in the Federation of friends to be in good health ~ everything is like


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