Forum is easy to do forum is difficult

The first step for

to make its own forum is to have a basic and thorough understanding of the forum. Don’t be impatient, it’s always good to be slow. In fact, the forum is very simple now, because ISP provides free use, do not have to set up their own, Disucz, or Phpwind, or other, such as mobile network, easy to move…… And so on, its essence, purpose is the same, that is, for people to exchange a platform just. There is nothing good or bad, but as long as you have chosen a forum system, you can use it well. Don’t worry about other people’s saliva.

apply for a forum, including their own erection, in fact, is very easy, but to do a forum is not so easy, proficient in the background operation is absolutely a necessary condition. I have contacted many people who set up a site, many will not use the background, all directly using the default. Let’s say there are some holes and some inappropriate places under the default, but definitely: the default setting for the forum is not the best for any forum. The background provides us with so many choices, and we really have to understand what those things are and what they’re for. Do the forum need to input, need to master the most basic and practical skills, so go to pull people to put up a pageantry. Speaking of default, say something webmaster must change it: (1) there are many basic settings you need to modify the layout settings; (2); (3) the user group, is the main authority, to look carefully; (4) individual (modified) forum need to install the plug-in and style at the same time, we need to modify the template file and.

small forums, minimize the number of administrators. Although the network is a virtual thing, the trust between people is more important and moving in this virtual world. When people can help the Commission administrator or ultra edition of their own, not limited to the understanding of the people around.

as far as publicity is concerned, the publicity of each forum should have its own characteristics,

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