60 questions you need to consider before designing a new website


want to use the green shading effect in the latest website layout? Should I choose the more complicated layout model? Choosing the right question is one of the essential skills of the website designer. In this article, we’ll look at web designers who ask their sixty questions before launching a website to the public.

Why does

ask himself these questions,


many designers will design their websites according to the list they listed in advance, while others will examine various issues at different stages of the design. Although there is no perfect way to avoid missing a design element, it’s necessary to ask yourself questions during the design process. Sometimes what you need to answer is, "does this work?" a simple question, sometimes a more technical one.

does not reduce the burden of work, but also to prevent the wrong decision, in fact, no method can completely determine a job demand or a decision is correct or not, but we can ask questions after us to avoid possible problems.

project management 15 questions

One of the main tasks of

designing web sites is project management. Designing a new website, like building a foundation for a house, requires a lot of attention, so planning ahead and continuing management of later tasks are essential.


1. sign contracts with clients? If you are developing a website for your clients, the risk of non contract work will be far higher than the risk of guaranteed by contract.


2. determine the final style of the site? Planning before action can make the goal clearer.

Are the content of each page of the

3. site ready? It should be designed from content, not the other way around.

4. web sites need to be pre built program? Content management system (such as WordPress), script tools can make work easier; start before designing the website, can first determine whether these tools can meet your needs.

5. do you know the service of your competitors? Your competitors often come up with a variety of new services to understand the services they offer to further meet your customer’s needs.

Is the

6. deadline realistic? Meeting the actual deadlines and tracking the project process are important steps in the design.

7. needs to take account of the extra cost? The design of the site itself is not very expensive, you can even build a good website with free software, but you have to consider other possible costs.

8. do you have the necessary skills for designing web sites? Some websites are more complex than others; is the site you want to be within your skills? That’s a question to consider.

9. thought about website promotion >

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