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many sites have encountered the right to drop home page, in the SEO process, I am no exception. Unfortunately, home page was down right. I believe the big update of 22 has caused this situation for many websites. But, in the past, Baidu on the home page right down is different, this time Baidu’s home page drop right many, the website’s key word has not declined. What the hell is going on,


first reviews myself, because I am busy with my work, I am a little lazy about updating the website. But for a local travel type website, it’s understandable that you don’t update or update it. And my site’s frequency of updates is better than my competitors. Therefore, my website ranking has been very close to the front. But, but, but, but… My home page has been dropped. Refer to the relevant information on the Internet, nothing more than update the content of the web site, increase the chain of the site and the like nonsense. I have these operations, but 10 days later, the site’s home page did not come back. I’m sorry, at the same time, it’s very depressing. And I have no other way, can only insist and efforts to update the website and rich outside the chain, including writing this article. I hope you can upload my website link. Ha-ha。

below to tell you how to solve the latest drop site, how to recover back?.

1., your site is not updated in the new article, will be related keywords to the home page?. Starting today, stop this kind of work.

How does

2. create unique content: it can be grouped together from related books or articles obtained from Baidu blog search related keywords. Specific pseudo original method, here will not say.

3. creates the only two content, the only title that triggers Baidu databases.

4. increase a few Baidu normal included keywords ranking first, snapshot updated every day site connection.

5. stops offering its own links to Baidu products.

summed up, Baidu has been elusive, but also difficult to guess the research. In the Baidu world, you are not allowed to spy on research, we have only the right to adapt. However, in this also have to remind you webmaster, want to site has a good ranking, also have to diligent update, and appropriate increase more points of the chain.

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