Do we really need these functions


many independent bloggers love to imitate and pursuit of the tall, and some other things we want to have a blog, not something we have to fight, the result is that a lot of bloggers have added a variety of functions, such as buttons, like social function and so on, but we really need the function of PS? We said: this small ordinary blog like me, rather than the famous blog and high traffic blogs.

one, social button function



blog more or less add some social buttons, such as good to share button and pay attention to our social buttons, especially the blog also added the foreign social buttons, such as Facebook, twitter. Our buttons are generally WeChat, Sina, micro-blog, and Tencent, micro-blog, etc.. But we Chinese in such conditions characteristic, how many people will use foreign social networking sites? There is a Tencent micro-blog have been abandoned for a long time, but most people leave the Tencent micro-blog button or button, it seems nothing meaningful.

two, various articles, forms (formats),


these days are met with other bloggers asked why this Three theme no other article format? I think this WordPress has a total of 10 paper format, but look at my three blog site, to blog, CMS and blog navigation, only use "standard" in this format. At the same time, I also saw some of the more famous blogs such as Lu Songsong blog, blog, blog in front of big moon seems to have just used a format of the article, then I can not help but think, those of us ordinary blog really need so many articles format? After all, the standard format has been able to release the log, video, pictures etc. the contents of the.

three, point like function


I don’t know when the feature is popular in the independent blogosphere, but personally I think this point is pretty good for most bloggers, but it really doesn’t make sense. The famous blog traffic high launched the point like features but these small blog no ground for blame, we also launched this feature, a month, or even half a year down, most of the fire the number of points like a number, this is really not necessary.

four, article directory function


same, I do not know when the article directory function became popular. Now many blog themes integrate the function of this article directory. But for our independent blog, an article seems to be about one thousand or so hundreds of words. Is it really necessary to publish this article directory function?

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