A discussion initiated by the Olympic Valley SEO contest

A 100 Valley SEO

station network contest held, you should know. Of course, a lot of experts are dismissive, the younger brother did not participate in the competition, just want to learn their own SEO knowledge to do a small test. As the race draws near, the competition is relatively fierce. In the course of two months, I have learned a lot and feel it worthwhile to participate. Now there is a request to master questions read without thorough understanding.

I 100 abstruse cereal (www.baiwugu.com), GOOGLE in the ranking is the first. (definitely not by black hat.) most of the articles are original. At Baidu in minglasunshan, fourth page to see, Baidu’s performance is a failure, the fact that I can accept. But I can not accept the failure to know the reasons for failure here, ask the prawns talk about your views, or let my brother learn from the study.

: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-193-1.html

SEO to discuss the Olympic Valley

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