want to upgrade this website explore the profit model of small and medium sized websites


, A5 and other station saw a lot about the website profit mode and the idea of the article, today, simple to say my website profit pattern, of course, only personal profiles, welcome webmaster friends criticism and exchange.

to be exact, my website is only a small station. It was built in September 2007. It has gone through several revisions, and finally gave up the ASP program. In January 2009, the program was selected.

I want to rise this early, mainly released relevant information, Gansu upgraded the exam very lucky, since 2008, my site in Gansu Province, so the information released by the first, is a user base.

however, the income of the website, just rely on the meager advertising revenue (Adsense, Ali Mama, Baidu search), in fact, as of now, only received a payment of Adsense search, Ali Mama, plus Baidu advertising revenue, may be less than two thousand yuan. In other words, I spent more than two years, earned less than two thousand yuan advertising costs.

webmaster friends all know, the cost of website operation for more than two years is very big, the cost of the domain name space, would not say, the effort, is more than the value of two thousand yuan; of course, as a webmaster, or the pursuit of the ultimate benefit and return.

then, from September 2009 onwards, I started planning Gansu undergraduate training class, eventually, in October 2009 and December 2009 respectively held a training course. At the same time, also ordered a number of Gansu upgraded textbooks for sale.

, by contrast, runs classes and sells textbooks much better than mere advertising revenues.

actually, I do website process basically is, however, the feeling is: for small sites and small owners, especially for small websites and small webmaster, don’t just rely on advertising revenue as the sole source of income of the website. Good person think: do not have a late stage only do flow, return again as we thought, in the beginning, to earnings and income on business website as the main source of income of the website; as we, in the beginning, to website business profit model implanted into the website; as we, in the beginning, we must continue the website business model, as long as we want, you can do it.

above for personal view, welcome the webmaster friend criticism and communication.

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