Describe my first experience of standing

graduated from college in July 2008. I’ve been looking for work for computer development. I have no place to take in an inexperienced young man, including internships. Encountered such a situation, once discouraged me, had thought of suicide, I feel I have no ability, the source of the economy but also rely on parental relief.

‘s greatest shock was my father’s death, and at one point I was unprepared for something like this at home. Even worse families suffer greater poverty. After finishing my father’s funeral, I haven’t closed my eyes for 3 nights in a row. I’ve been thinking about how to face my future life. The experience of life, the change of family, the departure of my father. It makes my body and soul thin.

there is an old saying: "if you do not think, you are poor, but your mind is changed.". I have proficiency in a particular line suddenly occurred to me. Why don’t I use this technology to increase my income for myself and my family,


I borrowed 2000 yuan from my classmate and bought a second-hand computer, 680 yuan. In addition, led CITIC broadband network 1M 600 yuan 1 years, in Hunan this place is still cheaper, rented a basement house 80 yuan a month. Buy a website, domain name and virtual host share 220 yuan. A little money left is not enough for my living expenses.

I can’t cry, because I’m a man, and a man is more painful and suffering than others. I slowly thought, wandering on the internet. "What kind of website is good? Considering their capital, also in the news to see the" civil service examination "is very popular. As soon as inspiration comes, I am determined to be a civil service website. Is it a gateway or a forum? I think that since we can provide you with a convenient platform to communicate with you, I would like to make a forum. Although difficult to manage, but at least it is service to others Why not? Ah, ah.

The preparations for the

were well in hand, and a week later the forum was formally launched. During this period, I only eat a meal a day, but also powder (3 yuan a bowl, I dare not eat pork meat), I hope to do a good job after the site, miracles can happen. After, to submit a web site to major search engines, are included 2 months later. In the long years, the feeling of suffering is very painful, 1 people register each day, 2 posts. I’ve lost my estimate. I’ve made a big mistake. The popularity of the website forum is not enough. Not to mention making money out of this. Sorry, if I had been a portal, that would have been great. I blamed myself, and I made up my mind. I insist on posting every day, I do not rely on others, do not rely on search engines to bring traffic, adhere to their own content to improve the forum, good things, good service and management to others. Better eat some of your own losses. Don’t be lazy all the time. By miracle, I know there will be no miracles in this society,


has persisted for 2 months, the forum has been perfect, the popularity also slowly has been enough, every day IP also has 100 people to come, the post has also been many. Psychological that happy. Always >

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