The banner of individual stationmaster still can carry far

more and more Internet users, more and more websites. In this golden season, the league has repeatedly adjust the policy, Little League silently accelerates the buckle of strength. Personal website revenue into the off-season as a whole. Many webmasters with vision and ability are preparing for the commercial operation of the website.

garbage station may already be far away from us, the Internet winter may be coming soon. As one of the millions of webmaster, I run several personal stations and live a simple life on the alliance. In the upcoming Internet of winter, I will not have to leave me a few small business a few years, I did not expect such a result, I have been accustomed to such a life, if the environment changes, I only change with the environment and change accordingly.

in 2003, the rapid rise of personal Adsense, to the rapid decline in 2006, and then to today’s ordeal, personal Adsense hero era has gone forever. Previously well-known personal webmaster also sold, changed and disappeared. There are also some personal Adsense, in order to meager profits and the hearts of the dream in the hard stick. To my students in Anhui network ( as an example, from the beginning of 2005, the beginning is not what traffic, but in the glorious day when there are more than 100 of the income of the time I still a student, can have more than 3000 a month income, that is how the luxury and glory yeah, but today, 10 dollars a day income, but also covered with advertisements, or even the space domain cost also don’t want to come back, to tell the truth, I began to feel. I think I might have to leave this let me once proud, but today can not even feed themselves in the webmaster industry, I have started to work in the planning now, once my income is lower than the 2000/ month or a suitable job, I think I’d decided to leave the station position, leave me day and night the battle of the network in the world, I bid farewell to the familiar and intimate companion, I seek a new beginning, a new life.

In fact,

contact and understanding through these days with small business owners, I feel familiar with web site promotion and optimization of the webmaster is very popular to the enterprises, one thing for a family of small and medium-sized enterprises in the post or very easy. Here I must advise those who adhere to for a long time without the success of individual stationmaster is to give up, especially for those living sites are facing difficulties comrades, as long as we change loose living habits, to the enterprise, can easily obtain income for their families. Never to GG a few days later issued can’t sleep and sleep for a little while the Baidu algorithm changes the day passed bile.

all roads lead to Rome. As long as we have dreams and may be hungry and cold, it is not always the best choice to stick to our own personal station.

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