The pain of learning an online virtual teaching website

The teacher said

owners can station a large proportion in the website domain, many do very successful personal website, like lotus courseware, free middle school, three of us are walking together so many, mostly to provide resources to download site, traffic is large hey, like lotus courseware, basically at the same time online is more than a thousand people.

himself is a teacher, since 2005, step into the network, using the network, embarked on the website learning way. The network does feel, only unexpected, not impossible. From the beginning of ASP mobility, it has done two teacher resource stations, and because of Baidu’s great cleaning, he collected and produced websites all over the world, and PV dropped from 12000 to 1200. Fully aware of the garbage station is not good tomorrow, decided to make a boutique stand. Through six months’ effort, we have created a virtual teaching platform for anyone who can publish courses and can use word.ppt.pdf, swf. and video resources. Metaphorically speaking, the website is a farmers’ market, the teacher is just like vegetable vendors, anyone can buy food inside. Analogy is not appropriate, in fact, similar to Taobao.


is not a contradiction, the teacher to start, set up the network curriculum, although this platform is relatively simple to use, but there are still some technical, 3 months on the line, traffic is less understood, two people in top classes. Three, I really don’t know how to develop.

preliminary preparation to the school one by one promotion, let the teacher accept it. I wonder if I can make it.

really very helpless, boutique station, personal webmaster is difficult to play through, want to find partners, is also very difficult. If you think this is my soft words, you can laugh, but I use technology that I believe is worth a look.

learn and net —- your online learning platform. Http://

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