Share our husband and wife’s experience of making 1W in two months

has been doing part-time websites for many years, and it doesn’t make much sense. Last year, my wife resigned, she said to his own business day. She has always been a sales force. I said, "what do you want to do?" she said, "Taobao." I don’t really care about it. Let her do it.

was a part of Taobao, and I felt it was a really hard day. Purchase, take photos, release, promotion, Wangwang exchanges. Busy all day, Twentieth days to usher in the first order, one month down, figured that if only earn more than 300.

one day, the wife said, "you give people a website all day long, so make one for me. I sell the products on the Internet.".

, this reminds me. I just made a product sale website for a boss. The boss has money and product advantages.

so I’ll talk to the boss. We might as well cooperate: I have technical advantages, I will not only do web programming and art, but also know how to promote; my wife has sales experience; and the boss just have money and product advantages. This hit it off. A letter of intent was then drafted. Cooperation the contents of the book is about: I put my lover part-time, full-time sales customer service, the office in my home, utilities, telephone charges are included in the cost of shipping company boss; provide monthly investment and advertising costs 4000 yuan. We have 50% of the profits with our boss.

last August -9 months, I made full use of the site. At the end of September, two sales website finally on the line. At that time, the idea is to do an optimization, promotion, an advertising. Last year, eleven, the site was officially operational. The boss put in 4000 yuan advertising fee, I basically do Baidu bidding, and there is still a point to optimize the promotion of that site, bought a few high-quality outside the chain.

so, the two websites are booming. The website that sells money to do promotion really is flourishing, the website that does promotion begins relatively deserted. For the first month, I remember getting rid of expenses, and we got two of more than 4000.

, I insist on my promotion, looking for the chain, open blog, original content. Hard work pays off. My promotion website has many keywords ranking on the first page. Two websites are sold together. Last month, I figured, two of us got more than 10000. Ha ha, I still do part-time work.

summed up a bit, ten experiences worth sharing:

1., to do things, than anything is strong,

2. selling products is easier to earn money than selling advertising stations

3. is better to work with people than

4.tobao makes money hard,

5. website promotion is the key

6. partners are important,

7., if possible, find some investment,

8. optimization push >

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