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do SEO optimization webmaster are often struggling to meditate, how should improve the quality of Web site, how to better run website? Every webmaster have their own methods, optimization of all kinds of Kung fu. Some focus on the page layout optimization, some focus on the analysis of search engine keywords, can be said to be gexianshentong. No one knows, and then fancy optimization or can not afford to users, indeed, a user to bring high-quality traffic, far more than a pile of garbage that Baidu does not trust. As long as a part of the user, and then through the construction of a favorable user interaction platform to promote contacts and exchanges between users, allowing users to experience gradually establish a good reputation, so as to keep and attract more users to join, as a twenty hundred, was the top natural website ranking.

then what should be done to attract more users and how to hold more users? Marketing strategy says so. Customer needs as the starting point, according to experience to obtain customer demand, planned business activities, to provide customers with satisfactory commodity services. According to these management theories, similarly, we can take the Internet marketing approach to enhance the user experience and attract users. Seize the user’s appetite, the natural grasp of the user’s heart, then the small series will be elaborated in three areas.

interactive platform is very important, built up skills

for websites, interaction is very important. Single direction of information transfer can be replaced at any time, a user can only accept information unilaterally web site, it will easily be tired of users. Therefore, first of all, the webmaster should establish a platform for users to interact, so that they can interact freely in the website, contact each other. Through this platform, enhance the interaction between users, is conducive to the establishment of a strong relationship between users, user or interest, or because of interests or hobbies, or professional work and the formation of a chain of relations, between the staggered users will form a large network, so it can attract users access even long term visit. And the information that the user discloses on this platform, also be helpful for stationmaster analysis user needs, and do SEO to optimize further. Many webmaster want to do, but they are not good enough, in fact, the earliest interactive platform for the user’s personal interests, such as the research site, the webmaster can register some users on the platform, such as when people ask the answer again, to the user to help, resulting in the net station platform users the illusion of prosperity. Then slowly there will be more users into the. Users tasted the sweetness, and naturally will feel that this interactive platform is good, it will use the platform.

divergent thinking, adding features plates, improve user experience

adds a variety of feature boards on the SEO site to meet the diverse needs of different users and enhance the user experience. Maslow’s five hierarchy of needs tells us that demand is increasing step by step

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